Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 101

Chapter 101: The Jia Family Accepts an Interview

The netizens were enraged. The Shen family was indeed stealthy. They were part of the influential families of Ning An City, yet they dared to commit such a vile act. They exploited the Jia family for money and even neglected the safety measures at the mines.

For a long time, when there were any casualties from mining accidents in Ning An City, it was always the Jia family who sought to pacify the families involved. Although the Jia family was mostly in the wrong, the Shen family was despicable for cowardly avoiding the issue and manipulating the Jia family.

Everyone was more baffled about why the accident at the Jia family's mining business had been exposed by the Shen family. Could it be that the Shen family were trying to sacrifice the Jia family to save themselves, or did they have another plot in mind?

Regardless of why the Shen family chose to expose the Jia family, everyone collectively viewed the Shen family in a negative light, and their displeasure grew by the day. They had already disliked the rich in the first place, and this time, they desperately wanted to step all over the Shen family. The other influential families were also adding fuel to the fire.

If the Shen family collapsed, the statuses of the influential families in Ning An City would be freshly partitioned once again.

Regarding this matter, the number of times the video had been spread was shocking. The citizens of Ning An City were all fixated on the mining issue involving the Jia and Shen families.

"The Shen family is truly despicable! We can't work with them in the future."

"We wouldn't even know if we're being deceived by the Shen family."

"Those from the Jia family are so dumb. Why did they choose the Shen family as their backer?"

"Don't forget how the Shen family expanded in the beginning."

"When the Shen family needed them, they supported the Jia family, but when they were no longer necessary, they got kicked away. The Shen family certainly planned things well."


While everyone was busy making wild guesses, Father Jia saw the IP address and flipped the table over in a fit of anger. His trust in Old Master Shen had all been in vain; the Shen family had ultimately pulled off such a move.

He'd always thought that it was all because he had offended Young Master Xie and Miss Yun, but he hadn't expected that his backer had been exploiting his family.

The Jia family had been loyal and devoted to the Shen family. After being betrayed in such a manner, the entire Jia family instantly directed their fury at the Shen family.

Jia Dongkun was incredulous as he read the news online. "Dad, the Shen family is too much! Aren't they treating us like fools?"

The veins on Father Jia's forehead popped out. "Since the Shen family is being so heartless, they shouldn't blame me for being ruthless to them."

"That's right! Even if our Jia family cannot match up to the Shen family, we can't just continue to be bullied like this." Jia Dongkun tactfully defended his father's words.

Father Jia pondered for a while. Noticing that some reporters were still gathered outside, he instructed Jia Dongkun, "Dongkun, let the reporters come in. Tell them I'm accepting interviews." Since the matter had already progressed to this stage, the Jia family would no longer avoid it. He only wished for the media to report the situation accurately so it could worsen everyone's resentment towards the Shen family. By doing so, the Jia family could possibly still be protected.

Jia Dongkun immediately bolted over to open the door, and all the reporters rushed in, as if afraid that the Jia family would change their mind and lock them outside again if they had acted too slowly.

Moreover, the quicker they ran, the longer the duration of the interview, and the more materials could be written. They were also relying on this piece of news to collect their commissions.

Luckily, they had persevered and waited outside the door. After lingering for such a long time, they could finally enter. Good things do come to those who work hard!

"May I ask how Mr. Jia views this matter?"

"Mr. Jia, are the rumors online true? Do the earnings of the Jia family's mining business go to the Shen family? Is the Shen family the backer of the Jia family? In that case, why has the Shen family turned a blind eye to the Jia family recently, and even exposed such news? Are the two families in some sort of conflict?"

"Mr. Jia, why were you willing to be manipulated by the Shen family? Could you please explain?"

The horde of reporters bombarded him with their questions. Their overall tone was aggressive, and the cameras flashed incessantly.