Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Young Master Huangs Invitation

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Zuoqiu Zimei knew she was the best dancer in Country E, and she believed that her dance could move everyone. Despite this, she began to panic. She refused to believe that this man would not change his mind. However, she must find a good partner in order to match her.

Time trickled past slowly, and Zuoqiu Zimei began to feel flustered.

Yun Bilu looked at her and thought that it was such a funny sight. Zuoqiu Zimei was indeed very narcissistic.

Huang Yize lowered his voice and whispered deeply beside her ear, "So naughty!"

"Watch out for my feet later!"

"Its fine even if you were to step on me. Youre the star tonight!"

Hearing the gentleness in Huang Yizes tone, Yun Bilus heart felt as sweet as honey. He usually wasnt so gentle to her, so she really wanted to enjoy this moment longer.

Right at this moment, a young lad in white entered the door. His body emanated an elegant yet warm aura, and he instantly became the center of everyones attention.

His thin lips showed a vague smile. With a slim physique, his steps were graceful and flawless, as though he was truly a prince.

Amidst the light music, he arrived at the ball.

Yun Bilu was shocked as she watched solemnly. All of a sudden, Huang Yizes grip on her hand tightened, making her snap out of her shock.

She glared at Huang Yize. What had gotten into him? She just felt odd that this person had come here.

Wasnt he from Kalina University? She had met him before at the basketball competition, and his name was Qianye Ziyu.

Huang Yize merely narrowed his eyes and didnt show any other expression.

Qianye Ziyu walked over to Zuoqiu Zimei and said, "Ill dance with you!"

After speaking, he glanced at Yun Bilu and Huang Yize. His expression was welcoming, and he didnt look aggressive nor uncomfortable at all.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Zimei was surprised, and she looked at Yun Bilu provocatively before saying, "I have a partner now. We can begin."

Zuoqiu Zimei couldnt conceal her confidence, as though she had already won the match.

Yun Bilu wasnt bothered by it at all. She wasnt competitive and simply wanted to be with Huang Yize. Moreover, she wasnt here to compete.

On the contrary, Huang Yize was worried that she would feel pressured. Hugging her by the waist, he lowered his voice and said, "Dont worry. Im by your side no matter what happens."


Because it was a match, everyone else in