Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 Yun Bilu Is The Star

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“It’s so exciting and splendid! Such an unforgettable performance!”

“I could feel my heart racing earlier! Wonderful, perfect! It was a flawless performance!”

This competition had a clear winner, and there was no need to declare it at all. Yun Bilu and Huang Yize obviously won the battle.

In fact, while the two of them danced, they didn’t even treat it as a competition. They merely danced for each other and put in their all. That was how they showed such a moving performance.

Finally, as the music came to a halt, the hall erupted into thunderous applause. This was encouragement and appreciation for the show that Yun Bilu and Huang Yize put up.

Everyone began to swamp around them, surrounding Yun Bilu and Huang Yize.

Some young ladies even stuck out their thumbs and exclaimed, “You’re amazing! I want to learn how to dance from you!”

“That was beautiful! You are really gorgeous!”

“It’s a pity that you already have a boyfriend. Otherwise, I would really have fallen for you!”

“You youngsters are amazing. We’re too old to dance.”

“What an exciting match! My heart is still racing from watching you. You made me recall the days of my youth. Haha! Wonderful!”

“We support you! Don’t worry, you’re clearly the winners!”

Hearing those passionate cheers, Yun Bilu felt rather embarrassed. She didn’t know how to deal with such unexpected popularity.

On the other hand, as Huang Yize watched the shy Yun Bilu, a bright glint flashed across his dark eyes. His gaze turned gentle as he tightened his hold around her waist, never once letting her go.

It was fascinating to him. This girl had never been embarrassed before.

At that moment, Yun Bilu felt at a loss of what to do. Facing all these supportive people, she couldn’t help but lean closer to Huang Yize. This was her instinctive response since she knew that she was the safest by his side.

Seeing Yun Bilu’s reflexive response, Huang Yize felt ripples all over his heart. He desperately wanted to embrace her tightly now.

In reality, everyone had disregarded Old Master Zuoqiu and supported Yun Bilu because of the necklace she was wearing.

Of course, there were a few people who supported her because of her talent, and that led to the others doing the same.

Zuoqiu Zimei glared at them with widened eyes, bewildered by what she was seeing.

She wanted to yell out loud. It was supposed to be her birthday ball. It was her birthday…

Why did someone else become the star of the party?

How could that happen? She was in utter disbelief that someone else was more skilled at dancing than herself.

Zuoqiu Zimei bit her lip harshly, making her lower lip bleed. Glaring at the couple, she asked, “Elder Brother Ziyu, is she better than me? Does she dance better than me?”

If Zuoqiu Zimei were to join the crowd in dancing, she wouldn’t pale in comparison to the rest. However, she had an overly competitive personality, and it wasn’t pleasant.

Zuoqiu Zimei gripped Qianye Ziyu’s elbow tightly and asked, “Elder Brother Ziyu, even you think that she’s better than me?”

“Zimei, you have to trust your eyes and judgment. Have you forgotten the point of dancing? It isn’t to compete against each other or to win. It’s to spread positivity!”

Zuoqiu Zimei simply couldn’t listen to his words any further. She was so exasperated that her face turned purple, flushed red, and then turned pale.

“The crowd merely favored them! Elder Brother Ziyu, how could you be so biased? Could it be that you like her?” As she spoke, Zuoqiu Zimei pointed her finger at Yun Blu while glaring angrily at him.

She didn’t want to miss any expression on his face. She simply wanted to prove that he was so protective of that girl because he was into her