Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Class Of A Prince

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Qianye Ziyu was taken aback by Zuoqiu Zimei’s words. A glint of confusion flashed across his eyes, and he even looked surprised.

Why would Zimei say that he liked Yun Bilu?

He turned and looked at Yun Bilu, who stood in the middle of the crowd. She was pure and innocent, and her eyes glowed brightly. When she stayed still, she looked virtuous, and when she moved, she was sprightly. She was elegant, and her beauty was extraordinary.

At that moment, her pale skin was decorated with a faint blush. As though she was reminded of something exciting, Yun Bilu turned around and smiled. That smile could capture the hearts of hundreds.

She was merely twenty years old, and yet she possessed such tremendous grace. It was undeniable that she was beautiful. Her beauty set her apart from the other daughters of noble families. She possessed purity and wit, and was seemingly untainted by the world. But how could she be so pure? She must have remained true to herself.

Everyone said that one’s eyes are the window to their souls. The look in this girl’s eyes was simply too clean and pure.

Throughout this, Zuoqiu Zimei was observing Qianye Ziyu and didn’t miss any single expression. She shouted, “So, Elder Brother Ziyu, you really like her. That’s why you purposely danced poorly with me, isn’t it? You’re trying to help her, aren’t you?”

Zuoqiu Zimei’s shrill voice instantly reverberated throughout the hall, and the crowd all turned towards the source of the sound.

Everyone looked shocked, doubtful, and even disappointed.

Of course, these reactions were directed at Zuoqiu Zimei. They had clearly seen how the two couples performed.

That young man beside her had rushed over to help her out and tried his very best. It was Miss Zuoqiu who had done a poor job. How could she put the blame on someone else?

A lot of people began to whisper to each other. They couldn’t help but be reminded of the Zuoqiu family many years back. Back then, Old Master Zuoqiu had led the family and had been extremely pretentious. He was vicious and had suppressed all the news that were detrimental to his family.

They didn’t expect his granddaughter to be the same too. Indeed, wickedness ran in the family.

When Huang Yize heard those words, his eyes narrowed and glinted dangerously. He tightened his grip around Yun Bilu’s waist. Regardless of how indifferent and calm he appeared, as a man, he still felt possessive towards the one he loved. He even wanted to declare that she belonged to him.

Huang Yize wasn’t a saint. He could also judge and determine if someone had ulterior motives towards his girlfriend.

As for Yun Bilu, her jaw dropped open in shock. Since birth, no one had ever pursued her before.

Qianye Ziyu was as gentle and warm as jade, and as graceful as the wind. He was like a prince, so how could he possibly be infatuated with her?

Yun Bilu muttered under her breath, “Is Zuoqiu Zimei blind? He’s here to help her, but she’s taking her anger out on me.”

“Don’t you believe her?”

“What? Are you for real? That’s impossible. How could a prince-like person like him be interested in me?”

Huang Yize rubbed his brows. Should he be glad that this girl was too dense, or should he feel surprised by how she had underestimated herself?

Had she not realized how wonderful she was?

Of course, Huang Yize would never remind Yun Bilu how wholesome she was. She was all his, and he would never allow others a chance. The moment she had found her way into his embrace, he would never allow her to leave.

While everyone was focused, a gunshot rang through the hall.

That gunshot shocked everyone. Even Yun Bilu shuddered and snapped her head to look towards the sound.