Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015 Huge Impact

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Pandemonium broke out as everyone started panicking and screaming.

Yun Bilu turned around instantly, widening her eyes in shock as her body trembled involuntarily.

Her heart shuddered when she saw the big gunshot hole on Old Master Zuoqiu’s forehead. It was a frightening sight. Blood was still flowing out from the wound as he collapsed on the chair, seated with his eyes wide opened. If not for the hole on his head and the blood that was flowing out, he would have looked perfectly fine.

Yun Bilu’s head was spinning from looking at the scene before her. It reminded her of the gunfire incident at the gaming building back then.

She felt a chill running up from the bottom of her feet. Her face turned ghastly pale as she suppressed the urge to vomit from disgust.

She tried really hard to control herself, but her body still trembled involuntarily.

Huang Yize pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. He kept comforting her and whispering into her ear, saying, “I’m here, don’t be scared.”

Even though she always fought with others to protect herself, today’s incident was still a rare sight for her, and every bit of reality told her that this was not a lie.

Yun Bilu’s head was throbbing badly. She bit down hard on her lips that were trembling involuntarily. Even her teeth were chattering.

Huang Yize knew that this incident had a huge impact on her. He wanted to tell her to get used to these things and prepare herself mentally. Aside from that, there were other things he wanted to tell her as well.

However, looking at the situation now, he knew that he could not say them. He could only hug Yun Bilu tightly and pat her body to comfort her.

Yun Bilu called instinctively, “Huang Yize.”

“I’m here!”

“Huang Yize?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I’m just by your side.”

Yun Bilu instinctively called Huang Yize’s name, as though she subconsciously trusted and depended on him.

Huang Yize’s expression was solemn. As much as his heart ached for her, he could only harden his heart and bear with it.

Back then, in the gaming building, Yun Bilu did really well because it was a shoot-off with enemies. Anyone would keep calm and protect themselves. But today, the nature of the situation was very different.

Today was supposed to be a birthday ball, but someone had just been assassinated right before their eyes. It was very sudden, and the appearance of the dead person was even more nerve-wracking.

Huang Yize sighed in his heart. She was only twenty and was still young.

Although he was not much older than her, he had grown up in such an environment. That was why he had been trained to deal with such situations.

The venue was filled with screams of shock and panic. Chaos broke out as everyone rushed to flee outside.

Huang Yize knew that there would not be much danger left after this. His men would be cleaning up the job behind the scenes, so he was only concerned with comforting Yun Bilu.

She was the one he was most worried about.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Zimei’s mouth fell open as she collapsed on the floor weakly, not knowing how to react.

Qianye Ziyu pulled through the crowd and walked over to Old Master Zuoqiu’s side. After checking his pulse calmly, he confirmed that he was already dead.

Zuoqiu Zimei crawled over weakly to Old Master Zuoqiu’s side. She stared at Qianye Ziyu and asked, “Brother, what should we do? What should we do?”

Qianye Ziyu patted Zuoqiu Zimei’s elbow and immediately called the police. Although it was too late, the venue still had to be sealed.

“Seal the entrance. No one is allowed to leave!” Qianye Ziyu commanded. However, his orders were not as effective as that of Old Master Zuoqiu and Zuoqiu Zimei’s.

Without her grandfather as her backer, Zuoqiu Zimei could only listen to Qianye Ziyu now.

She repeated his words, and the entrance was immediately locked. The bodyguards from the Zuoqiu family guarded the doors, preventing anyone from leaving.

Even then, they were unable to fend off the chaotic crowd.

Everyone was rushing to leave, squeezing against the guards. Even if the entrance was closed off, it was useless against the panicking people.