Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Yun Bilus Counterattack

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Qianye Ziyu deviated from his usual gentle and amiable demeanor as he shouted out loud, “No one is to move around. The police will be here shortly. Everyone can only leave after the police have checked the premises.”

Zuoqiu Zimei crawled on the steps. She grabbed Qianye Ziyu as she started to ask for help and protection from him, saying, “Brother…”

This was her cousin from her aunt’s family. She used to look down on him and think that her status was much higher than him. However, she realized now that it was pretty good to have an older cousin like him. What should she do from now on?

On the other hand, she was also scared that Qianye Ziyu would fight against her for the family assets.

One had to admit that when it came to this, Zuoqiu Zimei was still selfish and only cared about herself.

No matter how chaotic the situation was, the people there were all reputable people of status. They felt that Qianye Ziyu’s decision was right, so everyone started to persuade the people around them to calm down first.

Huang Yize hugged Yun Bilu in his arms and lowered his head. His eyes were filled with a cold and dark glint, as though a dark shadow was looming all around his body.

Old Master Zuoqiu had hidden himself for more than twenty years. It was a good thing that they managed to kill him today.

A cancerous tumor like Old Master Zuoqiu was one that could not be kept alive. Back then, he pulled all sorts of schemes and dirty tricks to obtain some secrets of the Black Dragon Gang. He even used these secrets to threaten them. Since Old Master Zuoqiu schemed against them, he naturally had to suffer the consequences of doing so.

Furthermore, his subordinate had secretly informed him that Old Master Zuoqiu had arranged for his men to kill Yun Bilu secretly.

This had definitely crossed Huang Yize’s limits. Old Master Zuoqiu had to die.

As this matter concerned the Zuoqiu family, not to mention that the police report was also made by the young master of the Qianye family, sirens from police cars could be heard outside not long after.

When the police entered the main hall, they worked in small groups to check the area. Some reporters came as well.

The police inspected the scene carefully before asking some questions.

When it was Zuoqiu Zimei’s turn to be questioned, her deadpan eyes suddenly gleamed with a vicious light.

There was a vicious glint in her eyes as she pointed her finger towards Yun Bilu and said, “It’s her. She is definitely suspicious. A cheap b*tch with a questionable background like hers came to attend my Zuoqiu family’s ball. She’s the most suspicious person right here.”

Everyone stared at Zuoqiu Zimei in disbelief. Everyone knew what had just happened. This lady before them had been dancing and competing with her, so there was no way she could have killed Old Master Zuoqiu right before their eyes!

It was blatant slander!

Yun Bilu calmed herself down in Huang Yize’s embrace. She turned and stared at Zuoqiu Zimei, and she started laughing sarcastically.

She opened her arms wide and said loudly, “Miss Zuoqiu, should I call you dumb or evil? You think the police will believe your words without hearing from others? Ha! Everyone saw it. You’re the one who took a liking to my boyfriend and kept pestering us. No one likes you, so you want to snatch other people’s boyfriend instead. Do you even have shame? You even wanted a dance-off, which I did with you. You’re the one who’s lacking in skill, and now you want to accuse other people? Ha! I’ve never seen someone as shameless as you before!”

Yun Bilu paused for a while before continuing, “You only care about yourself because it’s your birthday party. Your grandfather just died, and now you want to push the blame to other people. I’d say you were the one who killed your grandfather and pushed the blame to others so that you can snatch her boyfriend. This is your motive!”

Yun Bilu was merely paying her back in her own coin. Tonight was simply a crazy mess. She was still shocked with fear from the incident, and now, she was being accused all of a sudden.

She was boiling with rage and was about to explode. Since she had nowhere to vent it out, she went all out. She did not care who this lady was. She had to vent all her anger at once.