Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 Bracing The Storm

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Yun Bilu had indeed gone all out with her words. She did not bother saving any face for Zuoqiu Zimei at all.

Once the people at the scene now left, within less than a day, Zuoqiu Zimei would become infamous. Her words would be spread all around by everyone here as well.

Zuoqiu Zimei trembled from anger as she shouted, “You, you’re slandering me!” She was trembling so hard that she almost could not speak.

“Miss Zuoqiu, you’re the one who tried to slander me just now. Why, now that I retorted back, you’re saying that I’m the one who’s slandering you? Why didn’t you say you were slandering me earlier?”

Yun Bilu walked step by step towards Zuoqiu Zimei. Her clear gaze was tinged with hatred, and her words were all the more intimidating.

Indeed, she would not let anyone step all over her.

Huang Yize sighed inwardly. He could only hold himself back from stepping up for her, letting her face this all alone.

He could only harden his heart to help her grow and force her to become stronger.

However, Huang Yize’s heartlessness to her was, at the same time, being cruel to himself. After all, he could easily keep her under his protection, but he had no choice but to let her brace the storm and grow from that.

Huang Yize sighed in his heart, which lightly shook. He seemed to be looking on expressionlessly at the scene before him, but deep waves had already been rolling in his eyes. His body was taut and stiff, as though he was suppressing something.

At this moment, Yun Bilu only felt rage surging in her heart. When she stared at Zuoqiu Zimei, her gaze was filled with contempt and disdain.

Zuoqiu Zimei could not take this lying down. She could not lose to her again in front of so many people!

Furthermore, she looked up and saw that the man that shocked her with his beauty was staring icily at her. She felt as though her body was freezing up from his stare, and she could not understand why she felt a little fear in her heart.

However, why would she, Zuoqiu Zimei, not be able to get what she wanted? How could she not compare to this cheap girl?

Zuoqiu Zimei grabbed Qianye Ziyu’s arm and struggled to her feet. She pointed at Yun Bilu and said, “It must be her! She’s the one who killed Grandfather. It must be her. Quick, capture her!”

She just wanted to bite down on Yun Bilu and make her disappear. She was Zuoqiu Zimei, so how could she let a person without any background like her insult her like this?

Qianye Ziyu knitted his brows tightly as he saw the crazed expression in Zuoqiu Zimei’s eyes. He wanted to reprimand her, but seeing Zuoqiu Zimei’s pale-stricken face, he could only purse his lips and chastise her lightly, “Zimei!”

“Brother, are you trying to help her too? Are you trying to defend her?”

Qianye Ziyu could only keep quiet when he met Zuoqiu Zimei’s crazed gaze.

Everyone in the hall started whispering amongst themselves. They could not believe what they were seeing. This was the biggest joke in the world. This young lady had just been dancing when Old Master Zuoqiu was shot dead. They were all watching, so how could a lady who was dancing right before their eyes kill Old Master Zuoqiu?

Did she think they’re all three-year-old kids?

Yun Bilu merely cackled. She glared viciously at Zuoqiu Zimei, as though flames were shooting out from her eyes.

Everyone was stunned by this young lady’s aura. Despite her young age, she was really not to be underestimated.

Yun Bilu stood before Zuoqiu Zimei, glaring hard at her right in the eyes.

Zuoqiu Zimei trembled as she took a step back and clutched onto Qianye Ziyu. She did not want to admit that she felt a little scared deep down.

Just as she thought Yun Bilu was about to hit her, Yun Bilu laughed and said, “Miss Zuoqiu, you should know that if you slander others for no reason, you can be jailed for that. I know you desperately want to go in there, so I won’t stop you either!”