Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 A Sharp Tongue

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The disdain in Yun Bilu’s clear eyes was evident. It showed her blatant hostility for Zuoqiu Zimei.

“How could this lady hurt Old Master Zuoqiu? She was still dancing when the incident happened.”

“Yeah, words need to be backed with proof.”

“You can’t slander people anyhow. Slandering others is illegal too.”

Everyone started speaking up for Yun Bilu as well.

This slightly appeased Yun Bilu’s rage. There were still more people with a sense of justice in this world.

Zuoqiu Zimei had no understanding of the laws in Country E. That was why when Yun Bilu said that to her, she felt a little scared.

Qianye Ziyu patted her back gently before replying apologetically to the crowd, “She was scared stiff too, that’s why she was not speaking logically. She’s just joking, everyone, so no need to take it to heart. We’ll leave everything to the police to investigate.”

Qianye Ziyu’s tone was gentle and humble. His words calmed everyone’s feelings and quietened the crowd.

However, Yun Bilu was not one to be trifled with. She scoffed and said, “Ha! What a noble family indeed. You think you can write off everything with your words? You guys can slander me and just say that it was a joke after that? I don’t see how those words were just a joke. What do you think I should do, Miss Zuoqiu?”

At this moment, Yun Bilu seemed to have lost the exuberance and innocence of a young lady. She became cold and strange all of a sudden.

Zuoqiu Zimei was angered to the point that she could not find words to rebut. “Y-You…”

“What about me? Just because I have no status or reputation, you people from the Zuoqiu family think you can step all over me? And even expect me to accept whatever you say? You think I, Yun Bilu, am a fool that you can bully so easily, huh?” Yun Bilu’s tone was really sharp as she glared at Zuoqiu Zimei.

After saying that, she smiled and added, “Let me tell you. I, Yun Bilu, am not someone you can bully. Even if I have to risk my life here, I would still demand an explanation!”

Zuoqiu Zimei was visibly shaking from anger. Her face turned pale as she asked uncomfortably, “What explanation do you want? My grandfather just died. You’re the only one who’s picking on me. Am I wrong to suspect you then?”

Yun Bilu narrowed her eyes and retorted with sarcasm in her voice, “Isn’t your tone suspicious? And are you sure I’m the one picking on you? You’re not picking on me because you want to snatch my boyfriend? I believe everyone else here can tell that you, Miss Zuoqiu, are trying to snatch someone else’s boyfriend. That’s why you’re finding fault with me with every chance you can get.”

Everyone at the scene heard these words loud and clear. Even if Zuoqiu Zimei wanted to rebuke or clarify anything, it would be of no use.

She started bawling and wiping her tears as she cried.

Yun Bilu was not daunted by her tears. She merely continued coldly, “You’re shedding crocodile tears to gain sympathy from the crowd. Only a pretentious pretty face would do such a thing. Are you so sure that you’re a pretty face?”

Yun Bilu’s sharp tongue almost made most of the people at the scene clap and cheer with joy.

There were many madams at the scene, and they hated petty tricks like crocodile tears the most. That was a trick which mistresses often used, so they immediately felt put off by Zuoqiu Zimei.

“Mr. Policeman, you have to check this incident carefully. We can all vouch for this young Miss Yun. She was still dancing when the incident happened!”

“Yeah. It was Miss Zuoqiu who wanted to invite this young lady’s boyfriend to a dance. She got rejected, so it’s understandable that she would have a grudge against her.”

Everyone talked about the truth and what the situation had been earlier, and some of the policemen started recording down their words.

When Huang Yize saw how Yun Bilu had performed, a glimmer of admiration and comfort flashed across his eyes. He even felt a sense of pride at witnessing how his girlfriend was starting to mature and grow.

Seeing how well she did today, he could finally heave a sigh of relief. He felt relieved now for the future.

His girlfriend was a woman who truly made him proud.