Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 The Male Idol Feeds Her

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Yun Bilu nodded. “Yeah, I think I’m not that bad. You’re still the best because you can see the good in me.”

Huang Yize was actually not a man of many words. However, hearing this girl’s reply made him feel the urge to say more things to cheer her up.

Sometimes, your quietness might be because you have yet to meet the person whom you would want to speak more to.

“Huang Yize, I remember you used to hate talking the most. I would talk so much, and you would only give a one-word reply. Even if it was just one ‘okay,’ it would make me feel happy for a really long time.”

“Are you angry with me for that?”

“I’m not angry. I’m already happy and satisfied whenever I see you. Hearing you talk to me and hearing your voice makes me happy, even if it’s just one word.”

Yun Bilu’s heart was not that complicated. Simply put, if she liked someone, it means she liked him. She was never one to nitpick on these things.

Huang Yize carried Yun Bilu in his arms and placed her on a chair beside the table.

He did not let her touch the chopsticks. Instead, he took the chopsticks himself and picked small bits of food to feed her. “Eat something to fill your stomach, okay?”

Yun Bilu opened her mouth and started eating bit by bit. She felt that the food was even more delicious when he was the one feeding her, and she felt her hungry again.

She felt that if everyone in the school knew that her male idol was feeding her, they would probably die from envy. She felt all sweet and warm inside now.

As she ate, Yun Bilu said, “Huang Yize, do you know? The moment I heard that gunshot, I was so scared. I was even more scared that you would be in danger.”

“But I’m fine now, right?”

“Yeah, but you’re treating me so well today it makes me scared again. What would I do if I don’t have you by my side anymore?”

Her subconscious muttering caused the spoon in Huang Yize’s hand to tremble, almost spilling out the soup.”

“You think I shouldn’t treat you well?” Huang Yize suddenly realized that he had unknowingly gotten used to being considerate to this girl, surpassing what logic and reason could control.

He was worried that there would be too much uncertainty when he returned to the Black Dragon Gang. Would she be able to continue living and studying happily then?

He had no choice but to leave, and staying was not an option for him either. If he brought her along with him, there would be even more unforeseen dangers lying ahead!

This was the first time Huang Yize felt that he was in a dilemma.

“Bilu, if I don’t treat you well these few days, will you get used to it?”

“I don’t want that. I want you to treat me very, very well. Only then will I be happy.”

Huang Yize knitted his brows together. There was a complicated look in his eyes. His thoughts were wandering elsewhere as he fed Yun Bilu.

That night, the news of the Zuoqiu family had already been reported on TV. The police had already started their investigations, and the reporters would be following up on the case.

In Ning An City, Country A

Xie Limo and Yun Bixue went to Old Master Yun to have dinner with the latter. No matter how much Old Master Yun could not bear for them to leave, all he could do was to remind them about this and that.

Yun Bixue could sense her grandfather’s worry. Deep down, she could not bear to part with him either.

However, she still gave him a warm and gentle smile. With this, they could at least leave on a happy note.

“Grandfather, Bixue and I will still come back. You should take care of yourself. We will call often too.”

“Okay, as long as you guys are safe and happy over there. I have Aunt Zhou by my side here, so don’t worry about me.”

After their meal, Xie Limo called all the servants, security guards, and hidden guards over for a meeting. He instructed them about a few things, which were all about taking care of Old Master Yun.

Yun Bixue could not help but feel touched by him. She also felt a little ashamed. As a granddaughter, she did not even think of all these details.

Once everything had been arranged, Yun Bixue and Xie Limo returned to their home.

After they bathed and washed up, Yun Bixue tucked in for the night. However, she could not sleep at all.

Although she turned very gently, it was impossible for Xie Limo not to sense it.