Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Cool And Chivalrous Yun Bixue

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Yun Bixue slammed her cup on the table and retorted, “What do you mean by that? You’re discriminating against non-locals!”

The waitress merely made a ‘tsk’ sound at her and replied in disdain, “If you’re angry and can’t wait, go to another restaurant!”

Just as she took a step to walk away, that waitress turned and said, “When you leave, don’t forget to pay for your drink. Furthermore, you guys stayed in our restaurant for so long, you need to pay for that as well. Don’t think you can come here and sit and drink for free!”

After saying that, she huffed in disdain and turned to busy herself with other work.

Yun Bixue grabbed the cup in her hand and looked at Xie Limo as she said, “Hubby, I feel really upset now!”

Xie Limo stared at Yun Bixue with tender and gentle eyes. He knew that his wife wanted to vent her anger, but was scared that it would cause trouble for him in the capital.

He gave her an encouraging look and said, “Do what you want to do. It’s just a restaurant with unfair treatment. It’s nothing!”

Yun Bixue gave Xie Limo a gentle smile before taking both of their cups. With a cup in each hand, she walked over to that waitress and splashed her head with both cups of water.

That waitress was still walking away in a smug manner. She did not expect someone to suddenly throw water on her. The water was still quite hot and scalded her head a little.

Furthermore, she had been working here for two years and was about to be promoted to become a manager. No one dared to treat her like this!

When she furiously turned around and saw that it was the outsider from just now, her pride took over her senses as she walked over. Putting the tray on the table beside her, she stretched her hand out, wanting to grab Yun Bixue as she said, “A mere wretched outsider like you feels injustice? You actually dared to throw water at me. You’re asking for death!”

“Outsider, outsider. All you say is the word outsider. You’re the one discriminating us. You’re disrespecting people! So what if I threw water at you? What are you going to do?”

She felt that the capital was really unlike what she had imagined. This kind of rotten social norm needed to be rectified.

A few good-hearted people who were waiting for their meals came up to stop the fight and advised Yun Bixue, “Miss, don’t be angry. There are many shops and restaurants that discriminate against outsiders and tourists. Some even extort them. Just get used to it!”

Yun Bixue turned around and stared at the few good-hearted people before her. “I cannot continue to let such things happen. So what if I’m not a local? If outsiders and tourists have to be discriminated and extorted when they’re hungry and tired and just want to find a place to eat, is that even humane?”

She felt that if she really tolerated this, everyone else would tolerate it too. Situations like these would become even worse, so she could not tolerate it!

She was the wife of Young Master Xie. As the first lady of Ning An City, she had to have her own principles and charisma.

Her words struck a chord in people’s hearts and moved them. It had the charisma of a chivalrous female hero and immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant.

Seeing that Yun Bixue was pretty capable, that waitress immediately screamed, “Men!”

She was calling for thugs to come. While she did that, she started shoving Yun Bixue and tried to grab her hair.

Yun Bixue just threw her over the shoulder and slammed her on the floor. Seeing the few thugs who had bats in their hands, she stepped on the waitress’ body with a foot and said, “You want to fight? You can all come at me at once!”

The timing was just right. She had not had a chance to practice her skills for a long time.

The thugs started swarming towards her at once. Yun Bixue leaped like a leopard, punching and kicking out with both legs. Within a few suave moves, she thrashed the four thugs to the ground.

“Sick moves!”

“So pretty and cool!”

“So awesome!”

Everyone started gasping in admiration.

A few feet away from them, Xie Limo smiled as he looked at Yun Bixue with an indulgent and pampering gaze.