Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 103

Chapter 103: The Shen family in a State of Chaos

After being extorted by the rabid family members of the victims from the mining incident and then also being intercepted by the reporters, nobody from the Shen family dared to leave the house anymore. They could only resort to calling the ambulance to send Old Master Shen to the hospital. However, it was too late; Old Master Shen had already suffered a stroke.

"If you had sent him here earlier, Old Master Shen would have been fine. You were late by just a few minutes."

As the doctor announced the physical condition of Old Master Shen, Shen Wenqithe eldest son of the Shen familyfelt his mind cloud over. He stared at the doctor in disbelief.

He lurched forward and seized the doctor's coat. "Doctor, quickly examine the old master! It can't be true, his body is still so sturdy! How could this happen?"

The Shen family was in such a mess these days, and they still depended on Old Master Shen to take care of matters. With this sudden loss of the backbone of the household, he could only feel flustered. In the past, regardless of what happened, Old Master Shen was there to contain it. What could they do now?

"Sorry, Mr. Shen. We've tried our best. What you can all do is nurse the patient back to health."

Shen Wenqi staggered backward. Although his ways were cunning and wicked, he was compliant to the Old Master's words. It was because he was aware that with his capabilities, the Shen family could only prosper if the Old Master was still around. However, even before he could get ready, Old Master Shen...

Shen Zhengyao went forward to prop Shen Wenqi up and said, "Dad, Grandfather will be fine. He will definitely get better. We'll hire top-grade doctors, and there will surely be a solution. Medicine has advanced significantly in recent times. This is merely a small case of a stroke."

Shen Wenqi shook his head weakly. "Where can we find such top-grade doctors? Do you think we can hire just anyone?"

Shen Zhengyao looked at the VIP room in front of him and fixed his gaze there. He spoke, "Dad, I remember that Old Master Yun recovered after the top-grade doctors attended to him."

Shen Wenqi's eyes glowed instantaneously. "You mean the Yun family?"

Shen Zhengyao nodded.

The two of them understood that they really had to seek help from Yun Bixue to save Old Master Yun, but would she be willing to assist them? However, if Old Lady Shen personally made the request, would Yun Bixue be able to reject her grandmother? Could she choose to be unfilial?

Thinking of Yun Bixue, the two of them unknowingly felt rather apprehensive. Yun Bixue was no longer the same eldest daughter of the Yun family from before.

Nonetheless, despite how difficult it might be, they still had to give it a try. With Old Master Shen around, the Shen family would not collapse so easily.

The two of them plodded away with heavy thoughts in their heads. Some of the nurses and doctors no longer greeted them respectfully when they saw them. Instead, they showed a hint of contempt after seeing the Shen family walk past.

The nurses started to discuss amongst themselves. "Did you see that? They belong to the Shen family, that cold-blooded group of people."

"I really couldn't tell. The people from the Shen family are so nasty, we should stay away from them." "

"They look so dignified. They're also considered an influential family too, but their morals are so lacking."

"Since they're loaded, they wouldn't take the lives of others seriously."


Shen Wenqi and his son could hear the whispers coming from everyone near them. Even if they were fuming, they couldn't act out. They used to be so high and mighty in the past, but now they felt that they couldn't even stand tall.

When they returned to the Shen family home, there were already police officers waiting outside. They summoned the two of them to the police station to record an affidavit for the mining incident.

Amidst the chaos in the Shen family, Old Lady Shen learned of the news, and her complexion turned white. It was her maternal family, so she didn't want anything to happen to it. She had a hunch that there was more than met the eye regarding this situation.

Just as Old Lady Shen was making her way downstairs, a loud clamor sounded from the living room. With one look, she realized that Yun Muzhong had come home. Yang Siru was arguing with him, and her face was flushed with agitation.

No matter how unhappy Yang Siru had been in the past, Yun Muzhong had never raised his voice at her. However, he wasn't showing any mercy in his fight with Yang Siru this time.