Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 The Imperial City Is Not Ning An City

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Looking at how excited Yun Bixue was, Xie Limo replied, “Okay.”

There was a specified time for him to go to work in Tian Jing City. After today, the time that he could spend with her would lessen significantly, and he would only be free during weekends.

That was why no matter where Yun Bixue wanted to go or wished to do, as long as he had the time, he would accompany her.

Nothing particular happened in the supermarket, but Yun Bixue couldn’t help but sigh. The commodities in Tian Jing City did cost more than Ning An City.

“Look at this. This fruit is labeled as imported, so it’s twice as expensive, and yet the demand is still more than the supply.”

“Yes, there are many rich families in the imperial capital, so someone would be able to afford it no matter how expensive it is.”

“What about the common folks?”

“Common folks who work here tend to earn more as well.”

Yun Bixue felt a little tongue-tied. It was her first time coming to the imperial capital, so hearing all these helped her broaden her perspective. “So, housing here is expensive as well?”

“Yes, every inch counts, so many people who come to work at the imperial capital tend to stay in rented apartments.”

Yun Bixue patted her chest. “We are lucky to have a condo then.”

Xie Limo smiled. “Even if we don’t have a condo, I won’t let my wife sleep on the streets.”

Yun Bixue raised her head to look at Xie Limo’s gaze. She had the sudden urge to hug him, but because they were in public, she had to hold it in.

Xie Limo could see Yun Bixue’s glistening eyes clearly. His heart clenched tightly uncontrollably.

Yun Bixue suddenly felt an intense stare on them, but when she turned to see, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

“What’s wrong?”

Yun Bixue shook her head. Perhaps she was being too sensitive. “Nothing, let’s go get these checked out!”


After dinner, Yun Bixue and Xie Limo took a stroll at the plaza nearby. In Yun Bixue’s words, it was a simple couple life.

Yun Bixue did not know how life at the imperial capital would be like, but she had thought it through. Since they loved each other, she should cherish the time they spent together.

Also, she should not worry about things in the future for now.

For Xie Limo, even if he was well-prepared, he still had to think for all possible scenarios. After all, the imperial capital was not Ning An City.

However, he would not mention his worries to Yun Bixue as he feared that it would only increase her burden.

Even when it was nine in the evening, there were still a lot of people at the plaza. Yun Bixue was tired, so much so that she was yawning, but she still hopped around excitedly.

There were people who were teaching kids how to dance and rollerblade.

The kids played at the center of the plaza, while their parents looked on from the sides.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Yun Bixue tugged on Xie Limo’s arm and squeezed through the crowd to look at the cute children.

The youngest kid who was rollerblading was around five years old and was extremely cute. Looking at them, Yun Bixue exuded a motherly brilliance, which came from her innate love for children.

Xie Limo could naturally sense Yun Bixue’s change in mood. He knew that she liked children, but he could only sigh inwardly.

While looking on, Yun Bixue kept feeling a weird stare on them, as though someone had been following them for the entire day.

She felt uneasy. Hugging Xie Limo’s arm, she said, “Limo, let’s have a child as well!”

Yun Bixue felt courageous when she said that. She did not know about the turmoil in Xie Limo’s heart, but she did seriously consider it before.

That was why it did not feel awkward when she said it. It was something she had always thought about after all.