Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 Zuoqiu Zimei Beaten

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Zuoqiu Zimei broke everything she could get her hands on. It was driving her crazy.

Why? Why?

What was bad about her? Why couldn’t she compare to that Yun Bilu?

She only knew afterwards that the man was called Huang Yize, Noel Harlem University’s most outstanding student council president.

Zuoqiu Zimei had always been able to get whatever she wanted, so with regards to Huang Yize, she couldn’t take it lying down.

The servants did not dare to go near Zuoqiu Zimei, afraid that she would vent her anger on them.

Outsiders knew that Miss Zuoqiu was a beautiful and talented lady, but who knew that she was actually an arrogant and stubborn person?

When almost everything had been broken, Zuoqiu Zimei panted breathlessly as she slumped on the floor. Even so, her mind was still filled with Huang Yize.

That man was too perfect. One glance at him, and one would never be able to tear their eyes away from him. Such a perfect person should be paired with a person like her, so why was it that wretched girl Yun Bilu?

Zuoqiu Zimei looked at her frightened servants and shouted, “What are you all standing there for? Clean all these up!”


Zuoqiu Zimei grabbed her cell phone and called her father. “Father, when will you be back? Grandfather is no longer here. We need you!”

At that time, Zuoqiu Zimei’s father was overseas playing with his mistress. Hearing that Old Master Zuoqiu had passed away, he did not feel much. Instead, he actually felt glad to hear it.

When that old man was still there, he was always strict with him. Now, he was finally free. He replied, “My daughter, I’m still enjoying myself. The things back there can wait.”

“Father, you can’t say that. There are many greedy people watching our family. You have to make sure that grandfather’s assets are in our hands. Don’t forget about our aunt and brother Ziyu. When everything is in our hands, you can have all the fun you want!”

“You’re right. My daughter is thoughtful indeed. I’ll go back right away.”

On that day, Zuoqiu Zimei’s father took the plane back.

Zuoqiu Zimei revealed a dark and sinister expression. She was a selfish person. The real reason she called her father back was to clean up the mess that she had created.

What Old Master Zuoqiu taught her was to always think for her own benefits. Even if he was her father, she could use him as well.

There were many speculations outside concerning Zuoqiu Zimei. She was always on the headlines of the TV shows, websites, and social media.

Zuoqiu Zimei smashed the television and computer into pieces so that she would not have to look at them. After all, if she did not look at them, she would not get angry.

However, because she smashed them into pieces, she had nothing to do other than to think about Huang Yize in a daze.

That night, she called for a few bodyguards because she wanted to go to Noel Harlem University to find Huang Yize.

She believed that no one could resist fortune or power. She could use her influence to lure Huang Yize to be together with her.

Zuoqiu Zimei felt excited as she traveled to Noel Harlem University with her bodyguards. However, her car was suddenly knocked into. When they got off the car to check, they were assaulted by a group of masked people. Zuoqiu Zimei was dragged into a side street and gagged before she was beaten mercilessly with a club.

Even if she wanted to cry out in pain, she could not. After the assault, her face resembled that of a pig.

When she was near the brink of death, the masked people finally left.

After Huang Yize sent Yun Bilu back to school, he received a report. “Young Master, we’ve found the secret firearms warehouse of Old Master Zuoqiu.”

“Well done.”