Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Old Lady Shen's Irritation

"You haven't come home for so long! Have you been fooling around? Ah... Are you abandoning this home? Yun Muzhong, d*mn you!"

The longer Yun Muzhong looked at the old hag, the more repulsed he felt. None of her looks, figure, or temper could compare to the other women. He absolutely couldn't understand how he had managed to stand her for so many years. "Shut up, what are you blabbering on about?" Thinking about his gentle and considerate mistresses, and then taking another look at the old hag, Yun Muzhong increasingly felt that he had wasted the past few years. If he'd done this earlier, he could be leading the enjoyable life that he was currently living outside.

Yang Siru widened her eyes in disbelief, her eyes almost popping out of their sockets. Her rage caused her blood to rush to her head. "Fine, Yun Muzhong! You dare to scream and yell at me, and talk to me in that manner! Spill, did a foxy woman outside seduce you so much that you forgot about your home? Ah...!"

Yun Muzhong grew progressively tired of this conversation. He had returned only to visit his mother.

"This is ridiculous. I'm only back to visit Mom. I have many things to settle at work, and I can't delay them."

Yang Siru almost failed to recognize the current Yun Muzhong; he was worlds apart from his old cowardly self. "You must have a mistress."

"The Yun family is already in such dire straits. Could you stop raising a ruckus? Other people would be mocking us if they saw this."

"Ha... Other people would be mocking me? Don't forget how you chased after me in the beginning. How could you just kick me to the curb? Ah...!"

Old Lady Shen's mind throbbed with anxiety. She had initially been feeling rather cool-headed, but everything was all messed up now. What was going on? "Stop arguing! It's good that Yun Muzhong is back, so why can't the two of you speak nicely? Siru, you have been waiting anxiously for Muzhong to return. I made him come back, but you choose to argue with him instead. It would be better if he didn't come home."

Yang Siru felt wronged. "Mom, you saw it too. He was the one who spoke to me so rudely. I've contributed so much to him and to this family for so many years, but he's turning against me just like that."

Yun Muzhong heaved a sigh of relief and asked Old Lady Shen with deep concern, "Mom, are you feeling alright?"

Old Lady Shen marched down the stairs amidst the chaotic scene and stumbled, almost falling down. Yun Muzhong dashed forward to support her and scolded Yang Siru, "Is this how you take care of Mom? If something happens to her, you will suffer the consequences."

"Wow, Yun Muzhong, you're really threatening me! Mom, look at this! He must have been enticed by his mistress."

"You only care about the mistress. You also insulted Eldest Sister-in-Law in the same way back then. Can't you be more refined?"

Yun Mengshi had initially planned to leave the house, but the moment she opened her room's door, she saw Yun Muzhong and Yang Siru chewing each others' heads off. Not wishing to be entangled in their fight, she could only retreat back into her room.

However, even by listening to the hushed cries sounding from outside, she felt exceedingly irked. They used to be a loving family. Why did it end up like this?

Moreover, she noticed that it was time for her to leave. She still had pressing matters to deal with outside.

Old Lady Shen wheezed incessantly, and for a moment, she couldn't catch her breath and almost fainted. Yun Muzhong spotted her actions with his keen eyes and held onto her. "Mom, what happened?"

"You two should stop arguing! The Shen family has met with such a major scandal. Quickly think of how we can tide over this." Despite hustling for many years, she had never dealt with an issue as tricky as the one the Yun family was dealing with. She had a hunch that a consistent schemer was pulling the strings behind the scenes. However, she had no clue who it could be.

She would never expect that person to be Yun Bixue. At this point in time, the schemer was shopping in the mall with Xie Limo.