Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 The Things On Young Masters Mind

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Huang Yize’s lips curled up into an alluring smile. He instructed coldly, “Observe the Zuoqiu family’s actions closely and transfer the firearms away secretly.”


At that moment, Huang Yize was sitting on the sofa in his villa. His slender finger tapped lightly, emitting a murderous aura.

Thinking about what had happened that day, Huang Yize’s eyes narrowed into dangerous slits. “Teach Zuoqiu Zimei a lesson.”

“I understand. I will definitely accomplish the mission.”

That subordinate understood that when Young Master said to teach her a lesson, it most likely meant to beat and cripple Zuoqiu Zimei, but they had to do it carefully to avoid killing her.

And since Old Master Zuoqiu was finally assassinated, they could heave a sigh of relief. They had been preparing for a long time for that day.

No matter how many bodyguards Old Master Zuoqiu arranged for, they had to kill him. It was great that there were no major problems.

“Now is the time to remove all the spies that Old Master Zuoqiu placed in the Black Dragon Gang.”

“I understand.”

The reason why they did not touch the Zuoqiu family was because they had spies in the Black Dragon Gang. If they did not find those spies, it was easy to get discovered. As long as Black Dragon Gang made a move, Old Master Zuoqiu would know.

Not only that, but Old Master Zuoqiu had hidden himself for over a decade. All these years of preparation was to lure out the Zuoqiu family’s spies and Old Master Zuoqiu.

That day, when they finally accomplished their mission, it was a great relief.

As if thinking of something, Huang Yize quickly instructed his subordinates before hanging up the secret line.

Huang Yize placed his cell phone on the coffee table and sat with his legs crossed. His entire form was like a lazy leopard, ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

Thinking about Yun Bilu, Huang Yize rubbed between his brows. He didn’t know what he should do with her, and more than that, how to bid farewell to her.

It was the first time Huang Yize felt helpless. He could always prepare and plan for anything smoothly, but Yun Bilu was the only exception. She was that tender part of him—the existence that he had no control of, and yet he had to treat with care.

Huang Yize continued to rub his brows and sighed. Thinking about it, he did not know how that girl was doing, so he better go to school to take a look.

While he was driving to school, he received a call from the secret line.


“Young Master! Young Master!”

“Don’t be anxious. Speak!”

“Young Master, it’s like this. I got people to punish Zuoqiu Zimei, but they got too excited… Young Master, how about you take a guess?”

“If you’re not going to tell me, I’m hanging up!” To him, Zuoqiu Zimei did not matter at all.

It was just that she angered his girl that day, so he had to punish her.

Huang Yize would not show his hands in the day to train Yun Bilu, but he would definitely help her to vent from the dark.

“Okay, okay! Young Master, don’t hang up. I’ll talk. That Zuoqiu Zimei is on her last breath. If it weren’t for our subordinates’ ability to analyze, they wouldn’t be able to tell that that pig head is Miss Zuoqiu!”


“Young Master, you’re not curious who did it?”

Huang Yize had one hand on the steering wheel while the other pressed down on his temple. He said, “Zuoyi, if you continue to talk, I will regret giving you this assignment.” Only Zuoyi dared to be so smooth-tongued in front of him.

Zuoyi straightened up immediately and replied seriously, “Young Master, please give me my next task!”