Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 Yun Bilus Decision

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Huang Yize said plainly, “Don’t bother about that for now. Make sure that she doesn’t create trouble for us tonight, and find a way to let the reporters find out about this tomorrow.”

“But Young Master, you can’t tell that she’s Zuoqiu Zimei anymore. Even if the reporters stared hard at her, they wouldn’t be able to tell.”

“Zuoyi, don’t tell me that you don’t have your way of letting the reporters know.”

“As expected, Young Master understands me the best. You’re the most brilliant…”

While Zuoyi was still talking nonstop, Huang Yize had already hung up the call.

Zuoyi only realized that the signal was cut off after he finished talking. He looked at his phone dispiritedly. His Young Master was too cold, too noble, and often expressionless. He really wanted to see Young Master’s other expressions.

After returning to school, Huang Yize got the student council to make their rounds around the student dorms. When they were done reporting to Huang Yize, he finally nodded.

His girl was already asleep, and there was nothing wrong. He could finally rest assured.

Yun Bilu laid on her bed. Although her eyes were shut, she was not asleep. She knew that the student council’s checks would be reported to Huang Yize.

She did not want to worry him.

Yun Bilu opened her eyes after the student council left. She stared at the ceiling and recalled the incidents that had transpired in the past few days.

As they flashed through her mind, she thought that the ball was definitely not that simple. It was possible that Huang Yize had it planned out right from the start. If that was the case, did Old Master Zuoqiu’s death have something to do with Huang Yize?

If it was really tied to Huang Yize, then his identity was definitely not simple. Could he be someone from the mafia?

Yun Bilu was not a narrow-minded person. She knew that there wasn’t a clean line between the light and the dark. The light could do bad things, and the dark could do good things as well.

She was conflicted and worried. If Huang Yize’s family background was unique and complicated, would he allow her to remain by his side?

Yun Bilu was worried that she was not strong enough—that she would implicate and bring harm to him instead.

However, he was her boyfriend, her first love, and the first man who treated her well. She could not bear to leave him.

Her heart started aching the moment she thought about how they would break up because of other reasons.

It was driving her crazy, and she almost did not sleep the entire night. When the sun was about to rise, she clenched her fists in determination. Even if it was through a sea of fire, she wanted to be with Huang Yize.

People should live their lives meaningfully and live to the fullest.

With that thought, Yun Bilu’s heart relaxed, and she finally fell asleep.

The next day, Yun Bilu went to class with dark shadows under her eyes.

Zuoqiu Zimei was discovered by the reporters in the morning, and what happened to her quickly hit the headlines. The accompanying photo clearly showed her hideous face, and many speculations about why that happened were reported as well.

When Zuoqiu Zimei woke up in the hospital, Qianye Ziyu was by her side.

Zuoqiu Zimei woke up groggily and said, “Wasn’t I on my way to find Huang Yize? Why am I here?”

After she spoke, she realized that her whole body was hurting, and her teeth were chattering as well. She looked around her before she recalled what happened last night. With a shriek, she fainted again.

Qianye Ziyu’s expression was indifferent as he got a doctor to check up on her.

When Zuoqiu Zimei woke up again, it was already afternoon. Looking at the bandages around her body, she did not kick up a fuss. Instead, she sat there quietly.

However, a manic gleam shone in her eyes.

Just when she was being helped to the toilet, she overheard the conversation between the doctors and nurses in the corridor.

“BE3 Airplane exploded just like that. Including crew members, there were over a hundred people on board!”

“Yeah, it’s rare for flight accidents to happen. I heard that the rescuers confirmed the details of the victims. One of them was the head of the Zuoqiu family!”