Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 Angry At Huang Yize

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Yun Bilu stood up at once and waved her hand. “Wait, wait, wait!”

She looked at her closest friends and asked, “You’re saying that Huang Yize participated in the basketball match because of me and not because he was in it right from the start?” As she spoke, she pointed to herself.

Xiao Nan nodded. “Of course. You didn’t even know about this?”

“I… I… I…” Yun Bilu was startled. How did it become him participating in the match because of her?

Xiao Huan pursed her lips and smiled. “Do you remember when I asked you to go and watch the basketball match I mentioned there were good looking guys? Your Young Master Huang almost killed me with his glare, so I ran away immediately. It still scares me to think about it.”

Chu Xin continued with a hand on her waist. “Haha! That was Young Master Huang’s jealousy.” She stomped her feet and continued with, “Damn, if I knew, I would have gone to tell Little Lulu instead. That way, I would get to see Young Master Huang getting jealous.”

Xiao Huan shook her head. “It’s best if you don’t see it. His glare could really kill. That time, I could feel the temperature dropping to a winter’s night. That’s more effective than any air-conditioner.”

“Little Lulu, you can just hug your boyfriend during summer. There’s no need for an air-conditioner.”

Hearing how her closest friends added one statement after another, Yun Bilu recovered from her trance. “So he joined the match because of me. What a sneaky guy.”

Although she complained, Yun Bilu’s expression visibly brightened as she flushed in red.

The three finally rest assured after seeing Yun Bilu’s improved mood.

“That’s how you should be! Girl, you’ve changed so much for your male idol.”

“Whenever Young Master Huang dotes on you, you are on cloud nine, but he can also make you look incredibly frail. Little Lulu, your feelings for him are too deep.”

Yun Bilu nodded. “I know. You guys are important to me as well.”

“Shoo. Don’t be mushy. Go and find your boyfriend and regain your old self.”

Yun Bilu looked outside the window. It was a little late, so a call would be better. She took out her cell phone and went to the corridor to make a call.

When the line connected, Yun Bilu felt nervous. It felt as if they hadn’t met in half a year.


Hearing Huang Yize’s voice, Yun Bilu’s heart felt sweet yet sour. She pouted as she called out, “Huang Yize!”

“Silly girl, you’re still not asleep at this time?”

Hearing his usual warm and caring voice, an especially complicated feeling surfaced in Yun Bilu’s heart. “I just wanted to call you.”

Hearing that, Huang Yize did not reply.

Not hearing his reply, Yun Bilu felt distressed. Did he not want her to call him?

Ugh. Stupid Huang Yize. He changed so quickly.

Yun Bilu was angry, so much so that she wanted to throw her cell phone. However, a cell phone required money to buy, so she had to save on it. That was why she still held the phone by her ear.

But there was no reply at all. She felt dispirited. If she knew it would be like this, she would not have called him. Not only that, but she couldn’t see his expression as well.

Perhaps it was because she was in love that she became sensitive. Even if everyone said that he treated her well, she would still let her thoughts run.

Unable to hear his voice, Yun Bilu fumed. “If you’re not talking, I’m hanging up.” After she spoke, she did not bother waiting for a reply and hung up right away.

Looking at her cell phone, Yun Bilu stomped her feet. She looked outside the window at the sky and said, “Stupid Huang Yize. What’s wrong with you? It’s been so long, but you didn’t even contact me. When I call you, you didn’t want to talk to me either.”