Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 Goodnight My Girl

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Yun Bilu stood by the window and watched Huang Yize’s departing figure. She did not know why her heart felt like she could not bear to part with him.

“Little Lulu, we’re all staying in the same campus. You can see your male idol again tomorrow.”

“Yeah, why do I feel like your expression seems like you guys are leaving each other? Seeing you like this makes us feel sad as well.”

Yun Bilu only regained her senses when she could no longer see Huang Yize’s back. She replied, “Yeah, I also think it’s strange. I never felt that it was so difficult to part with him before.”

“Did you not sleep well recently?”

Yun Bilu thought about it seriously and said, “Maybe. I’ll sleep earlier tonight.”

However, before she went to sleep, Yun Bilu still could not help staring at her phone. Not long after, she received a text message. It read, “Goodnight, my girl.”

Seeing this text made Yun Bilu feel really sweet inside. She replied with a ‘Goodnight’ before lying down to sleep.

In the capital of Country A

Yun Bixue listened to Xie Limo and did not go out for a few days straight. She was bored and had nothing to do at home, so she spent those few days cleaning around the house, watching TV dramas, or surfing the net.

Even though she had nothing to do, Xie Limo did not allow her to cook either, afraid that she would hurt herself again. Most importantly, he could not bear to tire her out.

That was why Yun Bixue did not enter the kitchen. She did not want Xie Limo to worry about her.

When she woke up in the morning, Xie Limo would usually have prepared breakfast for her. If he did not need to work overtime in the afternoon, he would also come back to cook lunch so that the two of them could eat together.

In the evening, she would wait for him to come home.

She had really turned into a housewife now who would especially wait for her husband to return.

When she saw that it was six in the evening, she immediately ran to the balcony and stared at the street outside the small district. Usually, she would be able to see Xie Limo around this time.

Indeed, Yun Bixue saw Xie Limo’s elegant and graceful figure emerge.

As if Xie Limo felt a telepathic connection, he looked up and saw Yun Bixue on the sixth floor of the condominium.

Luckily, the balcony was secure, or else he would really be worried about his wife falling down from the balcony.

When he reached home, Xie Limo took off his shoes and went to hug Yun Bixue first before taking off his coat.

Smelling the scent on his body, Yun Bixue frowned and asked, “Why do you smell like smoke?”

Xie Limo did not intend to hide it from Yun Bixue. He explained calmly, “Majesty Kang came to the Ministry of State Affairs today with his personal counselor. They were smoking, but I can’t restrict them for now.”

Yun Bixue understood that Majesty Kang was a member of the royal palace. His status was one level higher than that of state ministers, so Xie Limo had to listen to him.

“Why did he come to meet you?”

“My wife is so smart, you should be able to guess it.”

Yun Bixue took off Xie Limo’s coat and helped him hang it. She thought about the situation in the capital, and a light of realization suddenly flashed across her eyes. “Is he vying for the highest position? He wants to be the king?”

“That’s his ultimate goal. His Majesty is still in good health, so there would not be much of a problem with him in the near future. Moreover, he was only testing me, trying to figure out the Xie clan’s background. He also wanted to know which side I am on, and if I am a neutral party. He wanted me to be loyal to him.”

A faint smile tugged up the corners of Yun Bixue’s mouth as she replied, “I think Majesty Kang must have been mistaken. Your goal is the entire Country A. Besides, Country A belonged to the Xie clan to begin with. He even wanted you to be loyal to him? Fat chance!”

As she watched the news during this period, she grew to dislike Majesty Kang. She could tell he was a villain with just one look.

Xie Limo caressed Yun Bixue’s head and said, “My wife still understands me the most.”

If not for the fact that he wanted to take back control of Country A under the Xie clan without affecting the lives of the citizens, he would not be spending so much time and effort on this.