Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 105

Chapter 105: The Couple Shops Together

This was Xie Limo's first time shopping with a woman. Previously, every single item in his home was handcrafted by the Xie family's personal team of specialists. This included all his clothes that were tailor-made by professionals and were of a much greater quality than those found in the malls.

Nonetheless, seeing how this dainty woman was walking happily in front of him, Xie Limo reveled in such a feeling. Since she enjoyed this, he would surely accompany her.

They entered a shop selling nightgowns. Yun Bixue spotted a pink piece and gestured towards Xie Limo by waving her hands. "Limo, look at this. What do you think of this?"

Xie Limo nodded. "Yes, it's fine." He wasn't very adept at selecting female clothing. The clothes that he'd given to her at the start of their relationship had all been customized by tailors that Xie Shiyi commissioned.

The saleslady gawked at the couple who were standing so close together, and her heart raced so quickly that she felt it jump out of her chest. Although they both wore a cap and sunglasses, she could still identify them. The man who was easy on the eyes and looked so alluring was the Young Master Xie who had appeared on television.

She almost jumped while trying to contain her excitement. She was indeed lucky to have met the leader of Ning An City here!

Ah... She couldn't take it anymore. Her heart could no longer hold up. Young Master Xie's grace could enrapture an entire city, and one simply couldn't look away.

His smiles towards the girl beside him were so gentle and tender. This woman should be the one and only Miss Yun, who had been at the center of public attention some time back!

Yun Bixue took no notice of the saleslady and concentrated only on viewing the gowns. "What about this?"

"This is fine too."

"Give me some comments!" Yun Bixue pouted as she whined in frustration. If they were all fine, which piece should she buy?

"As long as you like them, I have no other opinions." She would be the one wearing these clothes, so the main point would be that she liked putting them on herself.

"Don't you have any opinions even though I'm the one wearing it?"

Xie Limo chuckled and pulled her closer to his body. He lowered his head slightly and whispered into her ear, "No matter what my wife wears, I'll still think she looks great."

Yun Bixue blushed and bickered back with a wry expression, "Isn't it normal for most people to want their wives to dress properly so that they'll be more respected?"

Flabbergasted by her words, Xie Limo suddenly grinned and his exquisite eyes lit up as they overflowed with brilliance. "My dear, do you think that your husband needs to be like that too?"

Yun Bixue thought it over. He was righthe was always so loving, so doting, and he had been indulging her right from the beginning. It was as if he would always feel content as long as she was happy.

Unknowingly, Yun Bixue had already fallen deep into this form of indulgence. Deep down in her heart, the thought that her husband was the best grew stronger and stronger.

"Limo, I'm buying these for your mother, and we can't do a sloppy job. We have to get new bathrobes, sleeping clothes and casual attire, and also replace things like bed sheets and covers..." Yun Bixue recalled the list of items and felt that there were just too many things to buy.

"There's no hurry, so just take your time. Even if you're tired from shopping, I can instruct Xie Shiyi to purchase them." In fact, to grant her more time to prepare, he had already requested from his mother to delay her arrival. If they had followed through with his mother's plans, she would have acted fast and arrived by tomorrow on her private plane.

He didn't want to frighten his wife.

Yun Bixue rejected him resolutely. "No, I'll buy them personally." After saying this, she continued browsing earnestly again.

After choosing a few nightgowns, Xie Limo fished out a credit card, which shocked the saleslady so much that she accepted it with trembling hands. She had been manning the shop for over a decade. She had heard of this legendary Gold Card but had never seen it. This was her first time looking at it.

As Yun Bixue walked arm-in-arm with Xie Limo up to the second floor, she had not expected to meet Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan. The two of them were at the mall too!