Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Yun Bixues Plans

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The corners of Yun Bixue’s lips twitched as Yun Dong hugged her so tightly. “Quick, get off me.”

“I don’t want to. Miss Yun, do you know how much I missed you? You definitely forgot about me. You don’t even miss me!”

Yun Bixue felt a little odd as she thought her words just now made her sound like a heartless person. She immediately replied, “I miss you too. Now, let go of me first.”


Yun Bixue’s lips twitched again. If she’s a kung fu expert, she would have already hurled Yun Dong away. “Quick, get down. I came here to discuss serious matters with you.”

Yun Dong let go of Yun Bixue reluctantly. She carefully observed her Miss Yun and said, “Miss Yun, you look like you got thinner. Which idiot didn’t take care of you well? That person deserves to die!”

Yun Bixue placed her hand behind her head and sighed. “If you don’t become serious now, I’m leaving.”

“I’m very serious now, Miss Yun.”

Yun Bixue finally sat down beside the table. She let Yun Dong sit down too and smiled as she said, “Looks like you’re having a lot of fun playing in the capital. You’re becoming more and more lively now. Seeing you like this puts my heart at ease too. At least you didn’t suffer much while you’re here.”

“Miss Yun, why would I suffer here? I came here especially to watch a good show and punish that Xu Miaodan.”

“How is she now?”

Yun Dong replied excitedly, “Miss Yun, after carefully stirring things up and sowing discord, I managed to let her fight with a lot of women.”

“Don’t let her catch you doing that.”

Yun Dong waved her off and said, “Miss Yun, she’s busy fighting with people all day long, so she won’t notice anything. As for the woman backing Xu Miaodan up, I managed to find some leads on her. This is the information I found and consolidated so far.” As she said that, Yun Dong took out an information file from her bag.

Yun Bixue opened it and took a quick look. A glimmer of light flashed across her eyes as she praised, “Good job, Yun Dong.”

Yun Dong was elated when Miss Yun praised her. Just like all the other men of sacrifice from the Yun family, her greatest desire was to serve Miss Yun to the best of their efforts.

“Miss Yun, do you have other missions for me? The capital is really unlike Ning An City. We really have to be careful wherever we go. I’m worried for your safety.”

Hearing the seriousness in Yun Dong’s tone, Yun Bixue gave a faint smile and said, “Don’t worry. I have people guarding me by my side. You can continue following Xu Miaodan around. Try to get into the good books of those she mingles with. Make sure they recognize you. Also, arrange for the other men of sacrifice in the capital to infiltrate into the An family.”

Yun Dong was shocked. She widened her eyes and asked, “Miss Yun, you want them to infiltrate the An family?”

Yun Bixue nodded and said, “I have a feud with the An family. After they infiltrate into the An family, let them cut off contact with external people for a while. They should only act after I give them their mission.”

Yun Dong’s expression became serious now. “I understand, Miss Yun, but isn’t this very dangerous? From what I’ve observed in the capital, the reason why the An family could remain above the other families was because their defenses are as strong as steel walls. That’s why it’s very difficult for outsiders to seek out internal information on them.”

Yun Bixue replied as she flipped through the pages, “I know. Even if the An family had internal strife, outsiders would not know of it too. This shows that the management and house rules of the An family are very strict. However, the more impossible it seems, the more I want it to happen. I will definitely deal with the An family.”

Even if she was overestimating her powers, she refused to give up on this.

Especially after meeting An Yexuan just now, the anger in her heart raged even stronger. An Yexuan really thought that she, Yun Bixue, could be easily stepped over.

“Also, I will be busy running the film company during this period. I won’t contact you in the meantime unless there are exceptional circumstances.”