Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 Strike First To Gain The Upper Hand

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Yun Bixue patted Xie Shisan’s shoulder and suddenly felt like he looked quite pretty in this feminine getup. As he was too tall, Yun Bixue had to stretch her arm upwards to pat his shoulder.

When she entered the restaurant to meet Yun Dong, Xie Shisan had been following her and protecting her by the side. Many people could not help but turn to look at them, making her feel that they stood out too much.

That was why when she was talking to Yun Dong, she told Xie Shisan to go to the department store opposite the restaurant to buy female clothes and dress up as a woman. She even told him to wear some accessories on his head.

Xie Shisan was pretty much like a block of wood. He did whatever he was told, making him a pretty good secret guard.

In fact, during his training as a secret guard, he had undergone training for all sorts of getups, including dressing up as a woman to complete a mission. Hence, this was nothing to them.

They only felt that it was their honor to be able to serve their master.

“Xie Shisan, are you upset? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I must serve Young Madam faithfully. If Young Madam says I look nice, then I do.”

“You’re really a block of wood.” Yun Bixue pursed her lips. When she thought of Yuan Shuangrui and Han Mubai, she felt that it was pretty fun to tease them.”

As her legs were injured, Yun Bixue let Xie Shisan take her to the hospital. However, the hospital in the capital was full of people, so there were long lines everywhere.

Many even held a child in their arms as they waited anxiously in the line outside.

Yun Bixue felt sorry for them. She told the person behind her, “Aunty, you can go first.”

In the end, Yun Bixue could only sigh and go home.

She took out the first aid kit and applied some medication on her legs and bandaged it. She hoped that Xie Limo would not scold her too much once he came home.

After bandaging herself, Yun Bixue started to surf the net for news on the Han and Yuan families. The news were all about the marriage between the two families.

Yuan Shuangrui! She was actually a beautiful lady. Who would have thought that she could be so callous to Qin Huailing back then!

At that time, she was only around fifteen years old. How ruthless of her to hurt him at such a young age!

Now that Yuan Shuangrui was together with Han Mubai, was she doing it out of love or for her own interests?

As for the Han family, Yun Bixue did not really have a bad impression of them. Amongst the noble families in the capital, the Han family was considered not bad at all. However, the Yuan family had been blacklisted by her ever since she knew about their involvement in Qin Huailing’s incident.

That afternoon, the two bodyguards that Xie Limo had arranged for Yun Bixue had arrived. They were two small, frail-looking ladies. They appeared gentle and demure.

As if they sensed Yun Bixue’s suspicions, the two of them took turns to show their moves in front of her. It made Yun Bixue gasp in shock and awe.

“How do I address the both of you?”

“Young Master Xie said that we will be Young Madam’s subordinates from now on. We are to be loyal to Young Madam and protect you well. Our names are to be given by Young Madam.” Both of them bowed respectfully where they stood as they waited for Yun Bixue’s instructions.

“I’ll call you both Ah Qiu and Ah Mei then.”


When Xie Limo came home from work in the evening and found out that Yun Bixue’s legs were hurt, his expression hardened, and there was a storm brewing in his eyes.

Yun Bixue saw this coming and immediately struck first to gain the upper hand. She said, “It’s all because of you. If it weren’t for you, my legs wouldn’t be hurt.” As she said that, Yun Bixue could not help feeling a little guilty. This was the first time she was being so unreasonable with her husband.

Xie Limo raised his brows as he stared at her. Without a change in his expression, he replied, “So, you’re saying that it’s my fault?” Although he looked unhappy, Xie Limo still examined her legs carefully.

Seeing how Xie Limo was being so gentle with her, she felt more and more guilty. She said, “Erm, actually, I saw the news about you today. I got excited for a moment, so… so…”