Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Young Master Xie Vs. Young Master Su

As Yun Bixue watched the couple walk past her, her eyes flickered. Surprisingly, she only felt a fleeting moment of something stirring within her but then regained her peace shortly after. She was no longer as devastated as she felt in the beginning.

She couldn't help but feel emotional after realizing this. Time was indeed intriguing; it could make one forget and wash everything away to the past.

Yun Bixue had originally been linking arms with Xie Limo, but in that moment, her husband gently withdrew his arm and placed it around her shoulders instead. This new position offered a different significance.

Yun Bixue felt her body warming up as she looked at Xie Limo. With his sunglasses on, she couldn't make out the expression in his eyes. However, when she noticed the arch at the corner of his lips, she knew that his gaze must be warm and gentle too.

Meng Xinyan found the couple's uninhibited display of affection unpleasant to her eyes. She thought back to how Su Lenghan had been treating her so indifferently recently and her anger built up within her.

How did Yun Bixue manage to find Young Master Xiewho treated her so tenderlyeven after being ditched by Su Lenghan?

She herself didn't even possess the confidence that she could make Young Master Xie fall for her, so how did Yun Bixue do it?

During this period of time, Meng Xinyan had been having battles in her mind and was no longer the sweet-tempered top socialite that she used to be. Her jealousy had started to grow within her.

Looking over at Su Lenghan, she realized that he had already sighted Yun Bixue. She let go of her grip on his shoulder and smiled softly as she said, "Lenghan, isn't that Yun Bixue? Such a coincidence, I didn't expect to meet her here."

Su Lenghan seemed distracted, and as he listened to Meng Xinyan's words, his expression twitched slightly. Watching how joyful she looked now, he should be feeling happy for her. Instead, he felt an emptiness in his heart, as if something was missing.

Before they could say a single word, Yun Bixue graciously removed her sunglasses and smiled at them. "Such a coincidence to meet my old friends here. Are you shopping too?" She spoke in a genial manner, as though they were purely friends and she was truly comfortable with them.

The more Yun Bixue behaved like that, the more enraged Meng Xinyan felt. She especially despised how Lenghan looked at Yun Bixue. She had given up everything for Su Lenghan; just like holding onto a piece of driftwood in a body of water, she would not give up and let herself nor the relationship sink.

She was still bothered by Yun Bixue even though the latter already had the marvelous Young Master Xie by her side. Since the two of them had previously had mutual feelings for each other, it was possible that Yun Bixue would return to Lenghan one day. If that ever happened... Thinking of such a possibility, Meng Xinyan's face turned pale.

She had been increasingly worried about her personal gains and losses recently, and thus, she could hardly keep her calm when facing adversity.

Meng Xinyan flashed a smile that she deemed was sweet and radiant, and said, "Yes, Lenghan and I are preparing to get married soon, so we have a lot to buy."

Although Meng Xinyan thought it was a romantic gesture, Su Lenghan wasn't playing along. He remained indifferent and dull.

Yun Bixue graciously beamed at them. "Young Master Su, congratulations!" She showed no hints of discomfort throughout this exchange.

A flash of light brightened up Xie Limo's exquisite eyes, and he said mysteriously, "Young Master Su, remember to inform us after setting the date. You used to be friends with Xue-er, and as friends, we'll naturally be generous with your wedding gift."

'Xue-er'these two words were so sweet and so pleasing to the ears. This pet name made them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Yun Bixue's heart quivered. Her face turned red, and it spread to her earlobes. He had never called her that name before, but deep down, she liked it so much that she felt as if a flower had bloomed in her heart.

Su Lenghan felt a buzz ringing through his mind. Those two words pierced through the most painful parts of his heart.