Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 Do I Make You Feel Very Insecure?

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Yun Bixue’s words and her expression just now caught him off guard. He suddenly felt that no matter what she wanted or did, he would give in to her so that she could be happy.

Furthermore, he knew deep down that Yun Bixue really hated An Yexuan now. Seeing An Yexuan makes her feel really frustrated and vexed, even to the point of being disgusted with herself.

Xie Limo could understand how Yun Bixue felt. She had to deal with a person like An Yexuan who tried to harm her so many times, but she still could not do anything to him yet.

Moreover, he felt that he owed it to her. He knew that his wife had never been to the capital before. She came to this unfamiliar environment simply because she wanted to stay by his side. Hence, even if she wanted him to carry her while he cooked, Xie Limo would not reject her request.

Hearing that Xie Limo agreed, Yun Bixue’s mood immediately brightened up. Her eyes lit up instantly as she leaned on Xie Limo’s back. She simply liked the feeling of him pampering her.

“Easy now, your leg is still injured.”

“Okay, I will be careful. Limo, did I put on weight? Do you think I’m heavy?”

Xie Limo replied gently, “You’re very light. I actually hope that you can put on some weight.” He felt that no matter how he prepared the meals, his wife would not put on weight. He even spent some effort to improve his culinary skills to solve this issue.

Xie Limo walked into the kitchen while carrying Yun Bixue on his back. She then got down from his back and sat on the high chair by the side.

“You don’t need me to carry you?”

“Yeah. Actually, I just want to stay with you. I will be contented even just by looking at you.”

Recently, she felt a mix of complicated emotions. She could not pinpoint exactly what she was feeling, but she felt like she was very useless and could not help him to do anything.

It was precisely this feeling that made her think that she was probably feeling insecure. This sense of insecurity had to do with the thing she relied on.

She felt that after leaving Ning An City, she was merely a small fry in the capital. She really wanted to shoulder the burden with her husband, but she realized that she could not even call herself a housewife.

Even a housewife would prepare three meals a day. She, however, was just enjoying the fruits of her husband’s labor.

There was a saying that one had to catch a man’s appetite to catch his heart.

“Limo, I want to discuss something with you.”

Xie Limo was preparing to cook porridge and measuring the amount of water to pour into the rice. Hearing the serious tone in Yun Bixue’s voice, he replied, “Yeah, you can say it.”

“Limo, I’m saying this seriously.”

“Yeah, I’m listening seriously.”

“I want to go into the kitchen and cook for you from now on.”

Xie Limo almost spilled the water in his hands as he turned and looked at Yun Bixue. “Why did you suddenly have that thought?”

“Limo, just let me do it, please. If not, I would feel really useless. I want to be a wife who can take care of you, rather than let you take care of me all the time.” Yun Bixue said this in a sincere and determined tone.

“Did you forget how clumsy you were last time?”

If he really needed someone to prepare their meals, he would have hired a helper. However, he simply liked to cook for his wife and personally prepare her meals. That was why he disagreed.

“Then let me do something, at least. I don’t want to idle around while you’re busy. If you don’t agree, I… I will be angry and ignore you.”

Xie Limo turned on the rice cooker and washed his hands. After wiping them dry, he went up to hug Yun Bixue and gave a small sigh before he said, “Ah Xue, do I make you feel very insecure?”