Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Being Cheeky Again

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Xie Limo’s words pierced right through Yun Bixue’s heart. It made her heart clench painfully.

She breathed in Xie Limo’s scent and indulged in it. She did not know why she was being like this recently. “Is it very obvious?”

“Yeah. Your behavior recently makes me feel that you are feeling very insecure. I’m trying to reason with myself, and I blame myself for this. I’m not doing good enough.”

Yun Bixue immediately shook her head and said, “No, I’m the one with high expectations. I just like to think too much about things, but Limo, I can’t help it.”

Xie Limo did not reply and merely hugged her, tightening his grip as he did.

He really wanted to spend more time with her. However, they had just come to the capital, and there was a lot of work to be handed over to him. Sometimes, he would need to work overtime too. Due to his own selfishness, there were many things he did not want her to get in touch with. As a result, she spent her whole day waiting for him in loneliness. This could easily turn a woman into a grouchy housewife.

Xie Limo was reflecting on himself too. “Ah Xue, it’s not your fault. I’m the one who’s forcing you. You should have the freedom to do what you want. If you want to cook, you can cook next time. However, you must be careful and stay safe. It’s for the best if you can wait for me to come back. Is that okay?”

“Yeah. Limo, you pamper me too much. If I continued to be stubborn and unreasonable, won’t it tire you out?”

“My wife is gentle and kind. You’re always considerate of others, so you’re good.”

In the end, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue worked together to prepare their dinner.

Once they were about to start eating, Yun Bixue took in the smell of the food and said excitedly, “Why do I feel like today’s dinner smells really good? It’s like I have a huge appetite now.”

“Mood and appetite are related.”

Seeing how Yun Bixue’s mood had changed for the better, his spirits lifted as well.

He realized a problem today. He could not force his own opinions and will upon his wife. Sometimes, the things that he thought were good for her might not actually be so.

Hence, he had to learn to tweak his domineering nature.

Both of them ate on the coffee table while sitting on the sofa and watching TV shows.

Even if Xie Limo wanted to watch the news, he did not say it. He simply let Yun Bixue change the channels and watched what she liked to watch.

“Why don’t we install two TVs here? That way, we can watch what we want.”

Xie Limo lightly flicked Yun Bixue’s head and said, “When did you ever see a husband and wife watching shows separately?” In fact, most of the time, when a couple watched TV together, they were not really watching the show but rather enjoying the heartwarming feeling of spending their time together.

Yun Bixue’s eyes curved into crescents as she smiled.

Xie Limo knew that she purposely said that just now. He shook his head as he chuckled and said, “You’re being cheeky again.”

Yun Bixue changed the TV channel to that of the news in the capital. The news reported that many shops had been found guilty of cheating their customers and had been sequestrated. The two officials who were involved had also been suspended from their duties.

“Only two officials have been suspended?” Yun Bixue couldn’t believe it. There were so many shops that fearlessly discriminate against and cheat their customers, so it was impossible that only two officials were involved.

“This is the political situation right now. I can’t make drastic changes this early, so I can only start by punishing and making an example of these people.”

Yun Bixue thought about it and said, “Could it be that they have a bigger boss backing them up? It must be a member of the royal palace, right? Is one of the majesties involved in this?”

“Yeah, Majesty Kang is the one backing them up.”

Yun Bixue became very worried. She grabbed Xie Limo’s hand and said, “Doesn’t that make you at odds with Majesty Kang now?”