Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063 A Place Worth A Thousand Dollars A Night

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“Not yet. He would not think much about this. You don’t have to worry so much.” He had cast his web in the capital as well and would expand it out gradually before slowly reeling everything in.

Of course, he could not explain the exact details to Yun Bixue. Even so, he could understand the fear that Yun Bixue felt. Being the Minister for State Affairs was not an easy job. Many of his predecessors had been dragged down and locked behind bars because of this position.

“Limo, you mean the world to me, so how can I not worry? I read through the documents Meng Xintong sent to me. Her boyfriend, Zhou Pingyu, will be of help to you in Zi Bei City. He has a sound understanding of the things that work around here. He said that in the capital, every step is an uphill battle. Things would be especially hard for newcomers who were not from the capital.”

Xie Limo picked a piece of fish and removed the bones on it before placing it in Yun Bixue’s bowl. He then replied in a soft voice, “Ah Xue, we do have a backup plan. Don’t forget that my base is not in Country A. Furthermore, we have our own people in the officialdom of Country A too, so you don’t need to worry so much.”

“Okay. Limo, the Art of War says that, if all else fails, fleeing becomes the best strategy, so you have to put your safety above all else.”

Seeing how serious Yun Bixue was being, Xie Limo laughed and said, “Do you really lack confidence in me?” Actually, in Xie Limo’s eyes, no matter how complicated the situation in the capital was, he would still be able to deal with it. It was only a matter of time.

Yun Bixue retorted, “Limo, haven’t you heard of the saying? Love leads to sorrow; love leads to fear. You’re too important to me, that’s why I feel this way.”

Xie Limo took in her words carefully. He turned to Yun Bixue and stared at her with indulgence brimming in his eyes.

For the next few days, Yun Bixue happily prepared meals for Xie Limo. Sometimes, she would even wake up really early to prepare a breakfast filled with love for him.

Her mood became much better as well since she began cooking for the person she loved. She would feel really excited every day, especially when Xie Limo praised her cooking as he ate. Whenever he did that, it would make her happy for the whole day.

Furthermore, she was no longer bored in the day. Under Ah Qiu and Ah Mei’s protection, she started working on setting up her film company.

To keep this a secret, she did not use the funds from the Snow Cloud Group in Ning An City. She decided to look for investors and seek funding from scratch, as though she was starting up a new company.

However, in a place like the capital, it was very hard for an unknown company to find investors and get funding.

Yun Bixue led her team and went around many different places but to no avail. However, she did not feel dejected.

She realized that people from these noble families would rather spend thousands of dollars than invest in a company.

“Boss Yun, the First District is where all the noble families congregate. Furthermore, I heard that all the business dealings are done in the Elite Tower.”

“The Elite Tower?” Yun Bixue was unfamiliar with the environment in the capital, so it was understandable that she did not know about the place.

Both of her subordinates were stunned as they asked, “Boss Yun, you don’t know about the Elite Tower?”

“Boss Yun, everyone in the capital knows about the Elite Tower. Even foreign tycoons who come to the capital would want to patronize the Elite Tower. That’s the place where the children of nobles families always go to. That place costs a bomb for normal people and is a very extravagant place. Someone even told me privately that that place was the back door for women who wanted to get themselves into a rich family.”

“That place is worth a thousand dollars a night.”

“I heard that people can absorb some of the rich vibes just by going there.”

Yun Bixue was stunned for a moment. Was it so legendary? It sounded too good to be true.

“Is it really like what you guys said? Then we should really go to that place and find some investors, shouldn’t we?” For some reason, she felt a little uncomfortable about that.

However, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. She really had to observe the customs of the capital.