Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073 Youre Not Dreaming

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Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue’s sleeping face. Her brows were furrowed together, and it seemed as though her sleep was not very sound. Her posture was bad as well, so he was worried that she would wake up with a stiff neck.

Xie Limo removed his coat and folded his sleeves up before he carried Yun Bixue and strode towards the bedroom.

When he was picking Yun Bixue up, something fell out of her pocket.

Xie Limo lowered his head to look to see that it looked like someone’s name card. He did not think much into it since his priority was to bring Yun Bixue back to the bedroom so that she could sleep soundly.

Although Yun Bixue fell asleep, it was a light one since Xie Limo had yet to return.

When Xie Limo was carrying her towards the bedroom, she opened her eyes groggily. Realizing that it was Xie Limo, her eyes shone. “I’m not dreaming, am I? You’re back now?”

Xie Limo’s heart clenched tightly as he replied tenderly, “You’re not dreaming. I’m home.”

Yun Bixue snuggled into Xie Limo’s embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck. “As long as you’re back, all’s good. I thought I heard the door open a few times, but when I turned around, you weren’t there. I was scared to disturb you if I called you too.”

Xie Limo placed Yun Bixue on the bed and caressed her head. “Nothing will happen to me in the imperial capital. Didn’t I ask you to sleep early? Why didn’t you listen to me?”

“I can’t fall asleep when you’re not here.” It was true. It hadn’t been a long time since they came to the capital, and Yun Bixue was still getting used to being here. So far, Xie Limo had accompanied her to sleep every night, so today, when he did not come back, she was both worried and unable to get used to sleeping alone.

Xie Limo kissed Yun Bixue affectionately. “I will try to come back earlier next time.”

Yun Bixue’s brows furrowed. “You drank?”

Xie Limo chuckled. “You can smell it? It’s not much. I just drank a little.”

Yun Bixue tugged Xie Limo’s sleeve. “I know you have to drink during social events, but did they try to get you drunk?”

“No, I just drank a little for the symbolism of it. I know my limits, so I won’t let myself get drunk.”

“I’ve never seen you drunk before. I wonder what you’re like when you’re drunk?” A look of anticipation shone in Yun Bixue’s eyes as she said that.

Xie Limo covered her eyes with his hand before he lowered his head to taste the sweetness on her lips. “It will be a pity that you won’t ever get to see it then.”

Yun Bixue removed Xie Limo’s hand and said suspiciously, “Could it be that you’re good at holding your alcohol?”

“Okay, be good now. Go and sleep first. I will take a shower.” He knew that she did not like the smell of alcohol, so he had to wash up.

Yun Bixue nodded.

When Xie Limo entered the bathroom, Yun Bixue got up and went to heat up the dishes in the kitchen.

When Xie Limo came out of the bathroom and did not see Yun Bixue, he grew anxious and worried. However, he heard her voice, saying, “Limo, let’s eat.”

Xie Limo went to the living room in confusion to see the spread on the table. He said in a crisp voice, “Didn’t I say to eat on your own? Why did you still prepare my share?”

Looking at the spread on the table, Xie Limo could imagine how long it took for her to prepare this.

Yun Bixue pursed her lips before saying, “I have yet to eat because I was waiting for you to come back so we can eat together.”

At that plain statement, Xie Limo fell for her all over again. His heart trembled. The only thought that went through his mind at that moment was to pull her into an embrace and pamper her.