Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074 The Feeling Of Being Doted On And Cared For

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Yun Bixue raised her head when she did not hear Xie Limo’s reply. As soon as her gaze locked onto the heartache in his eyes, her heart stirred, and in a moment, she fell into the depths of that gaze.

Her mood could become calm with that look in his eyes. It was a feeling of being doted and cared for.

Yun Bixue bit her lip. “I just assumed since you were at a dinner party, you probably drank a lot without being able to eat properly. No matter how great the dishes are outside, they can’t compare to homemade ones. Also, since you drank, it’s better for your body if you eat a little and drank a little soup.”

Xie Limo remained silent, but his expression shifted. He walked to Yun Bixue’s side and caressed her head.

He was lucky to have met his Bixue who gave him a warm family. Whenever he arrived home fatigued, receiving this warmth from her would cause all his tiredness to dissipate.

Under Yun Bixue’s anticipating gaze, Xie Limo sat down. “My wife is still the best and understands me well.”

Yun Bixue passed a pair of chopsticks to Xie Limo. “Quick, eat. These are your favorite dishes, and they’re also what I’m good at making.”


The meal was finished happily. After they cleaned up, Yun Bixue kept yawning, so she went to the bedroom to sleep.

When Xie Limo was about to switch off the lights in the living room, he recalled the name card that had dropped from her pocket earlier. He walked to the coffee table and found the card under it.

When Xie Limo picked it up, his expression changed. This was Han Mubai’s personal name card!

The hand that was holding onto the name card tightened, and a cold glint flashed across his eyes. A murderous intent, which caused the temperature of the living room to drop by several degrees, emanated from him.

Xie Limo thought about it for a while and could not help but worry. Did something bad happen to Yun Bixue today?

He remembered that she mentioned about how she met Han Mubai the other time when his car bumped into her.

Her leg was injured that time, but what about today? Did his calls not going through have something to do with Han Mubai as well?

After thinking about it for a long while, Xie Limo finally suppressed the turmoil in his heart and went into the bedroom. When he saw Yun Bixue’s soundly sleeping face, the chill in his heart vanished instantly.

He sat at the bedside and caressed her head helplessly. “I really can’t deal with you.”

He straightened the blankets before he left the bedroom and closed the door.

On the balcony, he called a private line to enquire about the situation of his wife’s film company.

When he heard that it was financial issues, Xie Limo sighed under the night sky. Looking at the streets ahead, he shook his head and mumbled, “Xue, why won’t you tell me when you are in trouble?”

It seemed as if he was both asking the night sky and himself as well.

But Xie Limo did not get people to investigate what Yun Bixue did today. After reflecting, he felt that he should give his wife her personal space as well. He trusted her, so if she did not talk about it, he would not pursue it.

Following that, Xie Limo made a few other calls and arranged for people to help the film company, but instructed them that it should not be traced and credited to him.

Xie Limo stood with his hands behind him. In a low voice, he said, “Xue, since you don’t want me to worry, I will pretend not to know about it. As long as it makes you happy and at ease.”

As for the name card, Xie Limo was jealous beyond measure, but he did not throw the card away. Instead, he walked into the bedroom and placed it back into Yun Bixue’s pocket.