Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076 The Phone Call In The Middle Of The Night

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Hearing that voice, as though thinking of something, An Yexuan’s expression chilled. The hand that was holding his cell phone tightened so much that the phone almost broke.

He originally intended to ask something, but at that moment, he forgot what he wanted to say. His heart went numb, and he almost couldn’t breathe.

His lips pursed into a thin cold line as he stiffened.

Yun Bixue did not hear a voice and mumbled in a daze, “How weird. Who will call at this time?”

After speaking, Yun Bixue opened her eyes to see an anonymous number.

Looking at her, Xie Limo said softly, “Maybe they just called the wrong number. Don’t bother with it. Let’s sleep now.”

Hearing a deep soothing voice of a man, An Yexuan’s head exploded. He realized why Yun Bixue had such a voice just now. Without a doubt, it was the voice of someone who had just indulged in their passions.

He thought about how Yun Bixue belonged to another person, about how all her beauty was shown to another person, and that person was Xie Limo.

The things that he neglected in the past surfaced clearly in his mind right now, and he was unable to overlook it.

Just when Yun Bixue was about to end the call, An Yexuan spoke. “Yun Bixue, did you do it?”

Hearing that voice, Yun Bixue sobered up immediately. It was, without a doubt, An Yexuan. She laughed coldly and replied, “So, An Yexuan, it was actually you who called. Don’t you know that it’s a hateful thing to rouse people up from their sleep?”

“Yun Bixue, you’re doing this on purpose.”

Yun Bixue scoffed. “An Yexuan, what? What am I doing on purpose? From the beginning until now, I’ve done nothing to you.”

An Yexuan could feel his fury roaring. “Fei’er said you’re vicious, and as expected, she was right about that.”

At that point, Yun Bixue did not bother retorting. She would explain herself to people she cared about, but since she was already enemies with An Yexuan, it was fine to be misunderstood by him.

“So what if I’m vicious? An Yexuan, don’t you dare think that I’m easy to bully.”

“Yun Bixue, you’ve finally revealed your true colors.”

Yun Bixue felt cynical hearing An Yexuan’s words. She sneered as she said, “An Yexuan, I don’t have time to talk crap with you. You called in the middle of the night just to tell me these?”

“You found her on purpose to drink with me? Just for her to climb into my bed? To tarnish my reputation!”

Yun Bixue scoffed. “The great Young Master An, can you get your facts straight? If I wanted to tarnish your reputation, I would’ve gotten the reporters to take a photo and spread it around. Even though I did not find reporters, I have those photos in my hands. If you do anything that will upset me, I will be the first to give those photos to Chu Fei’er.”

An Yexuan kicked the chair at his side angrily as he roared, “Yun Bixue, you’re truly wicked!”

Yun Bixue was not affected and replied calmly, “An Yexuan, in your eyes, I’ve always been the villain. It’s just one more term on that list, so why should I care? Frankly speaking, we’re not that different. The things you did to the Yun family is what I would call as wicked. All I want is to protect myself. If you harass me again, I will give the photos to the reporters, and the great Young Master An will be exposed. The reputation that you’ve been trying to keep clean will become useless. If that happens, will Chu Fei’er still appear in front of you?”

After experiencing so much, Yun Bixue had learned to grasp people’s weaknesses. If she did not deal with An Yexuan, who knew what he would do to her?

She had to be the first to strike. She reaped quite a lot from Elite Tower today without much effort.