Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 Wont Let Anyone Covet Her

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Seeing how his wife was behaving, Xie Limo felt that she did not seem to notice Han Mubais unusual treatment towards her.

Of course, Xie Limo would not be so stupid as to tell his wife that. After all, no man would painstakingly tell his wife that some other man was giving her special treatment.

"Xue, the Han family is not your usual noble family. Its best to avoid them as much as possible."

Yun Bixue still listened to Xie Limos words. Of course, she did not know that these words were filled with Xie Limos personal emotions. Deep down, he simply wanted his wife to stay further away from Han Mubai.

In Xie Limos eyes, Han Mubai was still considered a gentleman. He did not have any bad habits.

Hearing Xie Limos reminder, Yun Bixue nodded and said, "Limo, dont worry. If I see them next time, I will avoid them as much as possible. Oh, by the way, Han Mubai also said that he and Yuan Shuangrui were only together for their personal interests. They might not necessarily love each other. Could this be the reason why Yuan Shuangrui is together with him? I really cant tell if she ever cared for Qin Huailing before."

Xie Limo narrowed his exquisite eyes. Han Mubai told Bixue this? Based on a mans instinct, this spelled danger.

"Han Mubai might not have good intentions, even though he told you this."

"Yeah, I dont really trust his words either."

Xie Limo was like a fox now, slyly displaying his strong possessive nature in front of his wife. He would not let anyone covet her.

"Youre not sleepy now?"

Seeing the deep, dark whirlpools swirling in Xie Limos eyes, Yun Bixue immediately laid down obediently as she replied, "Its already so late. Im sleepy."

"Turn off your phone at night next time so it wont disturb your sleep."

"Okay, Ill listen to you."

Their lives in the capital returned to normal. Yun Bixue had yet to pick out the companies she wanted to seek funding from, but there were already a few representatives from some companies that had come directly to find Yun Bixue to work with her. They said that they saw potential in her compan