Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Not The Person She Remembers

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Yun Bixue was really going to do it. Especially with regards to this matter, she felt that she had to handle it immediately.

Hearing that Yun Bixue was going to come, Miao Zifu immediately advised her against it and said, “Bixue, aren’t you in the capital now? If you leave the country now, everyone will be worried.”

“Zifu, I think I will still go there personally. I want to find her myself!”

“Bixue, you’re exposed in the open now. If you leave the country and make your moves obvious, she will definitely be alerted to it. Leave this to me. I will search for her in secret and place people by her side as much as I can. Or I will arrange for people to spy on her. This way, I will be hiding while she is out in the open. We will then be able to know whatever she is doing.” Miao Zifu was mainly concerned about Yun Bixue, afraid that she would tire herself out if she kept doing things by herself. Furthermore, the issue of finding Chu Fei’er involved unknown dangers.

Hearing Miao Zifu’s words, Yun Bixue thought that she made sense. “Give me a location. I will send more secret guards over to help you.”


After the call, Yun Bixue remained standing in front of the table with one arm on her waist, rubbing her head with the other as she thought.

Even if she could not go to Country F herself, she was still bent on finding Chu Fei’er. She could not let her continue plotting evil while in hiding.

She called Yang Mei, who was in Ning An City, and asked her to send some men of sacrifice to help Miao Zifu in Country F.

“Yes. Miss Yun, how many men are we sending over?”

Sensing the hesitation in Yang Mei’s voice when she asked how many men were to be sent over, Yun Bixue’s expression became more serious. Many of the Yun family’s men of sacrifice had been sent out under her orders. There were not many left whom she could assign missions to.

Looks like she had to improve the training of her men of sacrifice. They were also her kin, so she did not want them to be in danger.

Yun Bixue thought for a long time before she said, “Transfer the men of sacrifice back from Zi Bei City. Send six men over to assist Miao Zifu.” This was a serious decision. Chu Fei’er had a hand in many of the dangerous situations she had been in. She was a great danger to her, so she decided to send a considerable number of men over.

“Yes, Miss Yun.”

After arranging with Yang Mei, Yun Bixue still felt a nagging, empty feeling in her heart as if she had missed out something.

She stood there and continued looking down at the information in front of her. Suddenly, a thought came to her mind. She called Li Mei over and asked, “Where is Lin Xi staying at now since she came back?”

“Boss Yun, are you going to use her? You know, Boss Yun, most people wouldn’t know where she lives. Luckily, I have a friend who’s a reporter who knew and told me. Let me think. Hmm… It should be at No. XX villa in Jin Bin district…”

Seeing the happy look on Li Mei’s face, Yun Bixue merely smiled and said, “Li Mei, thank you.”

“Boss Yun, you’re too courteous.”

After finding out where Yun Mengshi was staying at, Yun Bixue did not stop at that. She immediately brought Ah Qiu and Ah Mei to Jin Bin district.

Yun Bixue immediately found No. XX villa. From the looks of the villa, she could tell that Yun Mengshi was pretty well off now.

When she knocked on the door, a handsome man opened it. He said politely to Yun Bixue, “Beautiful lady, may I know what you’re here for?”

“I am the representative of a media company. I would like to discuss a collaboration with Lin Xi.”

“Okay, give me a moment!”

Not long after, Yun Bixue, Ah Qiu, and Ah Mei were invited in.

They waited for a while in the living room. Not long after, a seductive lady sauntered down from the second floor. She had one hand on her waist while the other was holding a cigarette.

When Yun Mengshi appeared, Yun Bixue was stunned. The woman in front of her was totally unlike the Yun Mengshi that she used to know.