Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 Yun Bixues Intentions

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Yun Mengshi stared at the contract on the table in confusion and looked at Yun Bixue suspiciously.

Yun Bixue merely said, “We’re considered family after all, so we should have the thought of working together. It just so happened that I opened a film and media company, and you are a famous celebrity now. I can continue to make you famous after you join my company. The hiring price is set according to market standards, so don’t worry about me cheating you out. Furthermore, the contract will last for three years. If you become really famous, you can go anywhere you want to. Of course, if you want to continue staying in my company, you’re welcome to do so as well. How’s that?”

Yun Mengshi stared at Yun Bixue with much suspicion. Why would she be so nice to her?

She was doubtful of Yun Bixue, who had become totally different from the weak girl she remembered after she got together with Xie Limo.

“Yun Bixue, what tricks are you playing this time? Do you think I actually need to work with a new company like yours?”

Yun Bixue’s lips curved upward as she said in a nuanced tone, “So you do know it’s a new company. Looks like you already know some things about me even though you just returned!”

Yun Mengshi was startled. Back when she almost became a beggar in Ning An City, she agreed to the conditions of the person who had helped her then. The condition was to deal with Yun Bixue, which she was willing to do. She naturally went to find out about Yun Bixue right after she returned.

“You said this just now. We’re family after all, so I should try to find out what you’re doing now. Also, I’m going to advance my career in the country now, so I’ll need to familiarize myself with all the media companies here.”

Yun Bixue scoffed in her heart, but her expression remained unchanged. “If that’s the case, you should know that it won’t be easy for a new company like mine to hire famous celebrities. Since we’re family, I would be assured if you work with me. I truly do want to make you famous here. Li Xu is under one of my media companies, and he is now the hottest celebrity in the country. Both of you would have many opportunities to work together in the future.”

Although Yun Mengshi did not really trust Yun Bixue’s words, it was indeed more convenient for her to get closer to Yun Bixue if she worked with her.

Seeing that Yun Mengshi was a little swayed by her words, Yun Bixue continued, “If you work in other media companies, you should know that the competition will be fierce. Who knows, the reporters might just reveal your past in Ning An City, as well as how you’re not part of the Yun family. However, if you’re in my company, I will definitely put my own interests first. Even if someone digs out this information, I will be able to come out as your elder sister to clear your name for you.”

Yun Bixue’s psychological offense was still very successful.

Under her ‘painstaking’ persuasion, Yun Mengshi looked through the contract and signed it after confirming that there were no issues with it.

Yun Bixue could not help but smile when she saw that the contract had been signed. She said, “Looking forward to working with you.”

Yun Mengshi replied grudgingly, “Likewise.”

“By the way, the company is beginning it’s official operations now. You can come to the company to work tomorrow.”


Yun Bixue replied, “Yeah, tomorrow. The sooner we shoot, the earlier we can release the film. It will speed up your rise to fame as well.”

Once they walked out of the district and got into the car, Yun Bixue hummed a tune while Ah Qiu asked her, “Young Madam, are we really hiring her to act?”

Yun Bixue had already told both of them about the relationship between her and Yun Mengshi on their way here, so they already knew some things.

Yun Bixue explained, “Ah Qiu, she’s a pawn placed by someone else to attack me. I arranged for her to be within my sight so that I can counter the attack by manipulating her. However, who said I will give her the role of the female lead? She has always been suited for the evil supporting role.”