Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Something That Will Upset Her

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Once she returned to the company, Yun Bixue immediately called Li Xu and asked him to come to the capital with Li Guile tomorrow.

Li Xu and Li Guile were the leads for that game drama. After they shot to fame, she had always entrusted them with important responsibilities. Both of them were also very grateful to her.

“Li Xu, Yun Mengshi just returned. I met her today and signed a contract with her. You have to act with her next time. Will she affect you in any way?”

“Boss Yun, from the very first time when she said those heartless words to me and abandoned our relationship, I have already seen through her. It happened so long ago that I almost forgot about it already. And…”

Yun Bixue smiled and asked, “What else? What else do you want to hide from me? Just tell me. I won’t let anyone know.”

“I’m afraid Miss Yun will laugh at me.”

“When did I ever laugh at you guys? Quick, tell me. I’m guessing it must be good news.” Yun Bixue had always been friendly and approachable towards her subordinates. That was why everyone liked and wanted to support her.

“Miss Yun, I fell in love with my manager. We just confirmed our relationship. However, I want to focus on my career first, so we are not in a rush for things.”

Yun Bixue laughed in delight. “That’s great. Li Xu, being in a relationship is a wonderful thing. I am a very open boss, so don’t worry. Furthermore, the fans now are pretty nice too. They know that you are responsible. If they know that you found someone you love, those that truly support you will continue to support you.”

“I know, I just don’t want to announce it at the moment. Boss Yun, help us keep this secret too.” Li Xu felt that since Boss Yun helped him so much, he should consider all things for the company and for her too.

“Rest assured that I will. Oh, bring your manager along with you when you come to the capital.”

Actually, Yun Bixue was elated to hear this. She knew that Yun Mengshi still had some feelings for Li Xu. If she let Yun Mengshi watch Li Xu and his manager being lovey-dovey all day long, it would definitely upset her, wouldn’t it?

Thinking about that made Yun Bixue’s spirits soar.

Once she was in a good mood, Yun Bixue felt that her efficiency at work increased as well. At the moment, it was past her working hours.

When she glanced at the clock, she immediately rushed home.

The company was also situated in a posh district, which was not far from home. It would only take around half an hour to reach their condo.

However, Yun Bixue ran as she was afraid that Xie Limo would worry.

Once she entered the living room, Yun Bixue could smell the delicious dinner that was being prepared. She immediately changed her shoes and walked into the kitchen.

Xie Limo knew it was her when he heard the sound. “You’re back? Why are you panting? Did you run back home?”

Yun Bixue nodded and hugged Xie Limo’s waist from behind. She rested her head against his back and smiled as she said, “I missed you.”

Xie Limo continued to stir-fry the vegetables as he replied teasingly, “I think you miss me because you’re in a good mood.”

“No, I really miss you.”

Xie Limo knew that this wife of his could not hide her emotions, so he told her, “Wash your hands first and change out of your clothes. Tell me when we eat later.”


When they were eating, Yun Bixue told him about how she was about to find Chu Fei’er and how she let Yun Mengshi sign a contract with her. After saying all those, she burst out into laughter, her eyes curving into crescents as she laughed joyously.

Xie Limo felt that his wife was really easy to please. “You’re so happy because of this?” Seeing how elated she was lifted his spirits too.

“Yeah, think about it. Next time, I can use the contract to deal with Yun Mengshi in any way that I want. I can even manipulate her to deal with Chu Fei’er in return. On top of that, how would Yun Mengshi feel if I let her watch Li Xu being lovey-dovey with his manager all day long?”