Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 Get Used To It So It Wont Hurt Anymore

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Yun Bixue hugged Xie Limo back even more tightly.

Xie Limo patted her back and comforted her, saying, “Don’t think too much, alright? Have a good rest. Everyone will be fine.”

After a moment, Yun Bixue looked up and said, “Limo, I feel really lucky to have met you. I wouldn’t know what I would have done without you around. I won’t even know if I will have a family!”

“Silly girl, what are you saying? That’s all in the past now.”

“You treat me so well. Sometimes, I’m scared that this might all just be a dream. Every time I talk to Yaoyao over the phone, her issues always remind me of how lucky I am to meet you and to have a family of my own. It’s a constant reminder that I must treasure all the things that I have and work even harder for them.”

Yun Bixue was someone who was very grateful. Hence, she not only loved him but was grateful to him as well.

She thought that if she did not have Xie Limo, she might probably be like Bai Yaoyao, lost with no direction in sight and striving to work hard on her own. The thought of it makes her heart ache, more so for Bai Yaoyao. In fact, her heart would also ache for her past self as well.

There was a look of heartache and tender affection in Xie Limo’s eyes. He looked at her seriously and said, “We are husband and wife. You’re being too polite by saying all these.”

Yun Bixue rested her head against his neck and said, “I will tell myself that I don’t need to say this, but I can’t help saying it. It’s all because you’re too nice to me!”

Xie Limo took the chance to tease her and said, “If you think I’m nice, you shouldn’t get close to other men next time. You must stay by my side as well.”

“That’s for sure. In my eyes, no one can compare to you.”

Xie Limo was very pleased to hear that. However, he was still wary of Han Mubai. Previously, it was Wang Qianjin, and now, it was Han Mubai. He felt that his wife was as precious as a pearl. More and more people would realize how wonderful she was.

However, she was his, and no one can take her away from him. He believed that he was the only person in her heart too, just like how she was in his. No one could replace her.

Meanwhile, Bai Yaoyao was being treated by a nurse in the hospital. It was so painful that her face started to turn pale.

The nurse advised her and said, “You should just take the anesthetic. It’s really painful to bear.”

Bai Yaoyao shook her head and said, “It’s fine. If I really go to the battlefield, there will be no anesthetic there. This is how I will be treated as well. I can still bear with this pain. When I get used to it, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Right after saying that, she felt a little dazed. It reminded her of Xirong Ziye. In the past, this was how she reacted to her relationship with Xirong Ziye. He hurt her time and again. The more he hurt her, the more pain she felt. When she had been hurt so many times, her heart slowly became numb to it.

Duan Yanhao entered the room right when she said this, so he heard it. His cold expression immediately hardened.

“Your face is already pale, and you’re still bearing with it!” Duan Yanhao’s voice was cold and stern, but the concern in his voice was evident.

When Bai Yaoyao saw Duan Yanhao, her eyes glimmered beautifully.

“Why are you here?” Although she felt that she should not bother him, deep down, she was still looking forward to seeing him.

Duan Yanhao shook his head as he replied, “You already injured yourself so much, so how can I not come?” As he said that, he walked over to the bedside and cleared the table. He placed the chicken soup he brought on the table and waited for her to finish changing her bandages first.

Every time she saw Duan Yanhao, Bai Yaoyao would always feel a little more relaxed. “You even brought food for me. It smells good. What is it?”


“There are many dishes you are good at cooking. I can’t guess which.”

“What can you eat to nourish your body when you’re hospitalized?”