Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 Someone To Feed Her

Chapter 1088: Someone to Feed Her
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Seeing the gentle glow in Duan Yanhaos eyes, Bai Yaoyaos lips curved into a small smile. She thought for a bit before asking, "Is it pork trotters?"

Duan Yanhao nodded as he replied, "So youre craving for pork trotters. You should eat that too since youre so skinny."

Bai Yaoyao clutched her chest and said, "Im not skinny actually. The parts where I should be fat are very fat too."

Duan Yanhaos stern expression relaxed as he chuckled. "What are you thinking about? If you want to eat pork trotters, I will bring it for you tomorrow."

Bai Yaoyao almost bit off her tongue. What was she saying? She coughed and said, "No need. Youre already so busy. I can go to the canteen and buy food myself."

"Someone told me to take good care of you when I brought you here. I do have time to come and visit you still."

The smile on Bai Yaoyaos face faded slightly. So, he came here because someone else told him to take care of her.

Bai Yaoyao knew that she was an extremely sensitive person. A few words and a few things were enough to make her thoughts run wild. She knew that being like this was not good, but she could not control her thoughts.

Also, both of them had kissed before, so she had some hopes on him. Yet, she was afraid of having such hopes as well, which made her feel really conflicted.

To conceal her emotions, Bai Yaoyao casually said, "Being injured means that it will delay my training."

Duan Yanhao gazed at Bai Yaoyao with his deep, dark eyes and replied, "You already injured yourself so much and youre still thinking about training? Since you got first place among the female recruits for the previous training competition, I will train you personally."

Bai Yaoyaos heart skipped a beat. Although he said this before, she had not thought seriously about being trained by Duan Yanhao. Wouldnt the two of them interact with each other every day then?

Her thoughts started running wild again.

"Duan Yanhao, I dont think my injuries affect me in any way. I wont regret this. No one wanted to meet a wild animal while in training, and I even managed to protect my fello