Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089 She Became Strange Because Of Him

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"Huh!" Bai Yaoyao regained her senses and almost knocked the spoon out of his hands. She immediately cleared her thoughts and opened her mouth obediently.

After swallowing the first mouth of chicken soup, she thought that it was especially delicious. She felt that she had never drunk such a delicious chicken soup in her whole life.

Duan Yanhao had been observing Bai Yaoyaos expression. Seeing that she was furrowing her beautiful brows slightly, he asked, "It doesnt taste good?"

Bai Yaoyao flashed an enchanting smile as she said, "Its delicious. Its the most delicious chicken soup Ive ever had. I will finish it all in a bit." As she said that, her eyes twinkled with delight.

Perhaps because it was the chicken soup he made or perhaps because he was the one feeding her, she just felt that it tasted especially good.

Duan Yanhaos cold and pursed lips curved into a small smile as well. Although it was a very slight smile, it showed that he was in good spirits.

"Just drink a bowl of it. Eat some chicken later and have a proper meal after that. Your nutrition level must be balanced. Dont eat until you upset your stomach. Also, dont use cold water these two days."

Bai Yaoyao loved the feeling of being cared for. She could only get this feeling from Duan Yanhao. She did not realize that she could be in such a good mood when she was being cared for by the person she liked.

The person she liked? Bai Yaoyaos heart started to beat faster. No, no. She could not tell whether she really liked him or not.

"Did you hear what I said? Dont use cold water. Even if you need water, use warm water."

Bai Yaoyao reacted over and paused for a moment. "Dont use cold water?"

Duan Yanhaos expression became stern again. He frowned as he said, "Bai Yaoyao, dont you remember when those few days of yours will come? Dont you keep track of it?"

Bai Yaoyao finally realized what he was talking about. "You mean my period? Its going to come in a few days?"

Duan Yanhao pursed his lips into a thin line. His gaze was deep and dark. He sighed and said, "Bai Yaoyao,