Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090 Strong As Steel Yet Gentle To The Touch

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Bai Yaoyao wanted to scream in reflex, but a hand immediately covered her mouth gently.

When she breathed in the familiar smell, her mind immediately cleared up. She knew it was him, Duan Yanhao.

Duan Yanhao whispered in her ear, Shh. Keep your voice down. Its me.

His breath landed softly on her neck and face, making her heart feel warm from it.

She could not react immediately.

A clear light flashed across Bai Yaoyaos eyes. She was about to say something, but Duan Yanhao was still covering her mouth with his hand, so she could not speak.

However, her opening and closing her mouth made her lips brush against his hand, leaving a warm sensation on his palm. His palm is linked to his heart, so this feeling made him feel a surge of electricity, which flowed right through the depths of his heart.

He immediately put his hand down. After turning on the light at the bedside, he said, Why are you awake? Are you feeling unwell?

Bai Yaoyao shook her head. I just want to go to the washroom. By the way, why are you here? Didnt you go back already?

I brought back your clothes that needed to be washed and brought a new towel for you. In reality, when he was about to leave earlier, but he changed his mind when he saw the weak and lonely gaze in Bai Yaoyaos eyes. That frail look knocked right into his heart, making him unable to ignore it.

He knew how hard Bai Yaoyao pushed herself during training. Also, she had always given off the feeling that she was strong and did not need help at all.

However, that gaze of hers revealed the frail and lonely side of her.

After that, he could not sleep and decided to come over to take a look. Who knew that she would actually wake up?

Yeah, its past midnight now. You should go back to sleep, said Bai Yaoyao as she got off the bed. Luckily, the hospital was not far away from the army camp. He would not need much time to go back.

Duan Yanhao supported her while she got up to go to the washroom and said, Be careful of your elbow. Ill accompany you there.

Im going to the ladies. It wont be nice if someone sees a man accompanying me there. Also, there might be other people from the army in here. They might recognize you!

You really dont need me to come with you?


When Bai Yaoyao came back, Duan Yanhao had already prepared a basin of warm water. He took Bai Yaoyaos hands and wiped them gently, without any hint of disdain in his actions.

Seeing a strong and aloof man like him doing such a gentle and fine action made Bai Yaoyao feel warm all over.

She told herself every time that she should not depend on other people. However, she was easily moved by Duan Yanhao every time.

She actually wanted to ask him if he had been so nice to other women before. However, she did not have the courage to ask him. She was afraid that this would upset the balance between them now and make things awkward instead.

She felt that things were pretty good like this too.

After wiping Bai Yaoyaos hands, Duan Yanhao did not leave, no matter how much Bai Yaoyao urged him to.

Bai Yaoyao knew that he was worried about her. In the end, she went to ask the nurse for an extra blanket and mattress to place beside the bed so that he could rest.

However, when Duan Yanhao laid on the mattress beside her, she was the one who could not fall asleep.

Duan Yanhao, do I give you a lot of trouble? See, you cant even have a good rest because of me.

Duan Yanhao crossed his hands and placed it at the back of his head and said, Look at what youre saying. Just take care of yourself. Also, you didnt give me any trouble.

She knew that Duan Yanhao was simple and frank with his words. Duan Yanhao, I feel like I cant sleep.

If you cant sleep, just count sheep. Youll fall asleep as you count. You dont need to be afraid either because Ill watch over you.

Watch over you.

Bai Yaoyao was helplessly moved by these three words. Her eyes reddened as she asked, Duan Yanhao, how nice would it be if I met you earlier?