Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Not Late That We Met

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Once she said this, Bai Yaoyao bit her lip and wanted to take back her words. However, she still wanted to hear Duan Yanhaos reply.

Duan Yanhao simply replied, Yaoyao, everything in our lives is destined. Its not too late that we met now. His tone became very soft and gentle. Nighttime was the time for quiet conversations between lovers.

Hearing these words, Bai Yaoyao felt reassured. This proved that his feelings for her were sincere. However, both of them did not dare to get too close to each other. Perhaps after entering the army, both of them had their own identities now. He had his reservations while she had hers.

With him by her side, Bai Yaoyao felt especially safe and secure.

For the next two days, aside from going back to cook, Duan Yanhao was always by Bai Yaoyaos side.

He was scared that Bai Yaoyao would be bored, so he told her a few interesting stories that happened in the army. He even talked about the times when he went on missions.

Bai Yaoyao listened attentively and with much interest. She no longer felt bored now.

In Country E

Ever since Xirong Ziye went back, he took bold and decisive measures to rein in his power. He did not go easy on any of the forces that were against him.

It was also during this time that everyone saw the drive and charisma of this young president. He was ruthless to others and even to himself. It could be said that ever since he came back, he had never relaxed his tight control over the officials.

One after another, several officials fell from their graces. Not only that, but some families had been suppressed by him as well.

Afterwards, even the Xiamu family could not influence him, much less control him anymore.

Seeing how charismatic Xirong Ziye was, Xiamu Qingyan became more infatuated with him. She even became more possessive. However, he was no longer under the Xiamu familys influence and control, so she had to think of other ways to do so.

She could feel that her time was running up. After Xirong Ziye finished cleaning up the political scene and reined in his power, he would go to find that person.

Xiamu Qingyan wanted to see Xirong Ziye, but she was always rejected and told that he was busy.

Left with no choice, she went to the road where Xirong Ziye was often seen entering and leaving the White House and stood there to wait.

When she saw his car, Xiamu Qingyan immediately went up to block his way. She believed that Xirong Ziye would not be too ruthless to her out in the streets like this for the sake of his reputation.

Xirong Ziye got off the car and immediately pulled Xiamu Qingyan aside. He stared at her coldly as he said, Xiamu Qingyan, dont you want your life?

Xiamu Qingyan had tears in her eyes as she said, Ziye, I had no choice. I want to see you, but you refused to see me. I miss you so much. I I just want to see you and talk to you.

Seeing the beautiful and innocent look in her eyes that were brimming with tears, Xirong Ziye could not help but be reminded of Bai Yaoyao. He remembered very clearly how she looked like when she left. It was raining that day. He wondered if she cried then.

Bai Yaoyao had always been able to hold her emotions in. No matter how sad she was, she would hold her tears in and not cry. She was totally different from the Xiamu Qingyan before his eyes.

Furthermore, Xiamu Qingyans words made his heart throb painfully. It was a pain he could not describe with words. Yaoyao had once told him that she missed him too, but he did not care about it back then.

That was why he could not bring himself to be too ruthless to Xiamu Qingyan now. He merely said, Xiamu Qingyan, stop coming to see me. If you dont see me after a long time, you will definitely forget me.

How can I forget? I cant forget. You cant forget her too, am I right?

Xirong Ziye knew that Xiamu Qingyan was talking about Bai Yaoyao. He shook his head and said, Its different. I knew her for so many years.

Ha! So you are really bent on finding her?