Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 Strong Belief In Finding Her

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Xirong Ziye nodded his head firmly. Yeah, I must find her.

What if you cant find her?

Then I will continue to find her until I do.

What if she fell in love with someone else? Have you ever thought of that?

When Xirong Ziye heard this and thought of that possibility, his whole body stiffened. He clenched his fists, as though he was trying to hold back his emotions.

See, Ziye, youre not sure yourself. If she falls in love and ends up with someone else, can you let me stay by your side instead?

A bead of cold sweat appeared on Xirong Ziyes forehead. That bead of sweat represented the feelings he suppressed and his pain. His heart tinged painfully as he continued firmly, Those are just what-ifs. I will still go and find her. In fact, deep down, he did not want to believe that Bai Yaoyao would fall in love with someone else.

Seeing how much pain Xirong Ziye was in, Xiamu Qingyan suddenly felt that her words had been too cruel. However, she also wanted to give herself a glimmer of hope.

Even so, she could not bear to pressure Xirong Ziye again when she saw him like this.

Ziye, actually, its my birthday today. Can you spend my birthday with me? Xiamu Qingyan clutched her heart as she stared at Xirong Ziye expectantly. She fluttered her eyes slightly as she waited to see if he would be swayed.

However, Xirong Ziye was thinking about how he had never really celebrated Yaoyaos birthday with her. Thinking about it, Yaoyaos birthday was just around the corner as well. His expression changed as he told Xiamu Qingyan, Sorry, I have something important today.

As he said that, Xirong Ziye got into the car and told the driver to head in a different direction.

Xiamu Qingyan shouted from behind, Ziye! Ziye!

Despite her shouts, the car drove ahead.

Rows of luxury cars drove off just like that, looking even more pristine under the sunlight.

Who is that? The cars look so posh.

One look and I can tell that its not an ordinary person. A rich young master? A child of an official? Didnt you see how desperate that woman was to throw herself out there? She must be trying to scam him and extort a big sum.

Didnt you see that man just now? Hes incredibly handsome. Ive never seen someone as handsome as him. Hes simply too dashing. Its like love at first sight.

Enough. A commoner like you even wants to yearn for someone like him?

Ahh! Wait a minute. I think that guy looks really familiar.

Yeah. He cant be the president, right?

Amidst this discussion from the onlookers, Xiamu Qingyan remained standing there. Since she was unable to vent the frustration in her heart, she could only watch in a trance as he disappeared from her view.

Clenching her fists tightly at her sides, she vowed to herself that she would not give up.

Meanwhile, Xirong Ziye went to the cake shop and ordered a huge cake. Even if Bai Yaoyao was not around, he wanted to celebrate her birthday too.

He owed her too much. He will make it up to her, bit by bit.

Once he had arranged everything to stabilize the political scene in Country E and ensured that his position as the president would not be threatened, Xirong Ziye handed over the work that needed to be done and bought plane tickets to go and find Bai Yaoyao.

On the night before his departure, he had a hard time falling asleep, so he took out Bai Yaoyaos photo to stare at it.

A moment later, one of his subordinates rushed to find him frantically, saying that he had something important to tell him.

Tell me, what exactly happened?

Mr. President, Miss Xiamu committed suicide.

Xirong Ziye stood up from his chair at once. He slammed his hands on the table as he said sternly, Say that again.

The subordinate resisted the pressure and said again, Its its Miss Xiamu. Miss Xiamu committed suicide tonight. I only just caught wind of the news. Someone from the Xiamu family came to report it.

Xirong Ziye felt like he had lost all his energy. His head started to throb, and he felt as though he could not breathe.

He really could not believe and could not understand why Xiamu Qingyan had to do this.