Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 A Gloomy Expression

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Xirong Ziye massaged his head and tried his best to keep his cool. However, his head continued to throb relentlessly.

He felt a little guilty about Xiamu Qingyan. He was the one who took the initiative to get close to her. No matter what she did, even though she used the Xiamu family to pressure him, he could not put the entire blame on her.

After all, women were the ones who would hurt the most in a relationship.

Previously, he could be cold and aloof. However, after his experience with Bai Yaoyao, he learned to consider things from a womans perspective.

So when he heard of Xiamu Qingyans mishap, he felt sad and guilty as well.

Xirong Ziyes body stiffened up as he stared sternly at his subordinate. Hows the situation in the Xiamu family now?

The situation doesnt look good. Im not too sure about the details, but I think that since Miss Xiamu loves you so much, she would still want to see you even if she committed suicide.

Xirong Ziyes gaze darkened as he said, Still wants to see me? What do you mean? Didnt she kill herself? As Xirong Ziye said that, his heart almost jumped to his throat. He subconsciously hoped that everything was fine, just like he had thought.

The subordinate felt a huge pressure from his stare and immediately replied, Im not too sure. Thats what the person from the Xiamu family told me. It could be an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Xirong Ziye took big strides to the bedroom, grabbed his coat, and put it on. He walked out and said, Were going to the Xiamu family.


Seeing how dark the night sky was, the subordinate could only arrange for the people in the White House to prepare the car and escort the President to the Xiamu family.

When they reached the villa of the Xiamu family, the guards at the door recognized them and opened the gates for them at once.

The car drove in slowly. Xirong Ziye got off the car as a few other cars drove in. Bodyguards surrounded Xirong Ziye as he walked in.

When the butler saw the President, he bowed respectfully and greeted, Mr. President!

Yeah. How is Xiamu Qingyan?

Seeing the dark and gloomy expression on the Presidents face, the butler immediately replied, Although Missy is still unconscious, she is no longer in a critical condition.

He knew that the President had changed. He was no longer the newly appointed President he was back thenhis presence had already become one that the Xiamu family could not touch. However, he hoped that he could still remember the help given to him by the Xiamu family and continue to appoint them.

Xirong Ziye paused in his steps as he put one hand in his pocket. Under the light, his expression was cold and glum. His brows knitted together tightly, making it difficult to read his emotions. However, the butler could tell that Mr. President was not in a good mood right now, so he tactfully avoided provoking him.

Seeing that the President paused in his steps, he did not dare to ask if he wanted to go in.

Just as he thought that the President was about to leave, Xirong Ziye said, Take me to see your Missy.


The butler thought that the President still cared for Missy deep down. He did not know whether Missy used the right method this time around, but he hoped that it would be able to reclaim the Presidents heart. After all, they would want to see their Missy being paired together with such an outstanding man.

Although the butler was middle-aged, he was quick to his feet at this moment as he led the way for the President respectfully.

However, when the master of the Xiamu family saw Xirong Ziye, he huffed and said, Is the President here to see my daughter?

Xirong Ziye calmly replied, I heard Miss Xiamu attempted suicide. We are acquainted after all. I came to take a look to see if shes okay.

Xirong Ziyes tone was polite but distant. It was difficult to find fault with his words. No matter how angry the master of the Xiamu family was with Xirong Ziye, he could not get mad at him at this moment.