Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095 Ignoring The Big Shot

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The subordinate was startled, but he still followed the President’s wishes and canceled the flight.

Xirong Ziye did not sleep for almost the whole night. No matter how much he wished to go and find Yaoyao, his morals did not allow him to disregard Xiamu Qingyan’s life completely.

Since the doctor said that she could not be dealt with another blow, he could only stay in Country E for the time being.

Despite that, his heart was hung up in the skies as he pined for someone else. “Yaoyao, you must wait for me. Don’t fall in love with someone else, okay?”

He could not be certain now as well. His heart was racing, and he felt a little lost. This was the first time he felt this way because he could not hold on to a person’s heart.

In the past, he felt that no matter when it was, he would be able to see Yaoyao once he turned around. That was impossible now. He realized that she might not want to see him.

Xirong Ziye’s mind was filled with Bai Yaoyao, but deep down, he still hoped that Xiamu Qingyan could live on. That was why he could only bear with it for now.

In the capital of Country A

Yun Bixue had been in good spirits ever since she let Yun Mengshi sign a contract with her.

Although Yun Mengshi dragged for a few days before reporting to her company, Yun Bixue did not mind at all.

She had already assigned a script to Li Xu and Li Guile for them to familiarize themselves with it first.

When Yun Mengshi came, she brought a bodyguard and her manager with her. She looked like a big shot from head to toe as she stood in the lobby of the company.

When the employees in the company saw Yun Mengshi, all of them gushed with excitement.

“Quick, look. Isn’t that Lin Xi? I heard she’s very famous now.”

“She’s a newbie who became famous within half a year. I didn’t expect our company to be able to poach her since we just started out.”

“This just shows that our Boss Yun is really capable.”

“That’s true. Even though our company is new, so many companies had already come forward to pour in investments. Now, even Lin Xi is here.”

“I think she came here because she heard of us?”

“I’m so excited. She’s such a goddess. I really want to take a photo with her.”

“Look at that graceful and feminine style. She looks so good.”

Although everyone was very excited, none of them went up to bustle around Yun Mengshi. When she realized that, the pleased expression on her face slowly faded, and she felt a little awkward.

The lady at the reception counter did not care too much about her either. However, when she came in, she made a call to inform Boss Yun.

All of them had been trained before, so when they saw the female celebrity Lin Xi, they were still able to keep their cool.

Not long after, the public address system sounded. “Ms. Lin Xi, please report to the HR department by yourself. Ms. Lin Xi, please report to the HR department by yourself”

The public address system announced the same message a few times. Yun Mengshi was stunned for a while before she felt awkward and angry.

She wanted to drag on for a few days before she came to let Yun Bixue know that she could not be manipulated so easily. She did not expect Yun Bixue to use this method to suppress her instead.

Yun Mengshi was so angry that she wanted to turn around and just leave. However, right when she turned around, a man walked in through the entrance. He looked a little nerdy, but he emanated rays of sunshine at the same time. He was handsome and charming.

When he came in, the staff on the lobby all waved and greeted him excitedly. “Li Xu! Li Xu!”

Li Xu revealed a dashing smile before waving and greeting everyone. “Hi, everyone.”

His gaze had never landed on Yun Mengshi all this while. It seemed like he never noticed a living person like her standing there.

On the other hand, when Yun Mengshi heard the name Li Xu, her heart started beating rapidly. She subconsciously gripped the bag in her hand as she fell into a trance.

Was this the Li Xu she once knew?