Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Someone Is A Fly

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Yun Mengshi could not believe her eyes. Although Li Xu was also handsome last time, he always had a poor and down-and-out aura around him, which was why she looked down on him. Even if she liked him, she refused to be together with him.

It was also because the person she truly loved was Young Master Xie. That man was the man amongst men, who directed the winds and was drop-dead gorgeous as well. No one could compare to him.

Hence, she used Li Xu to enjoy the feeling of being in love. When she felt like he was of no use to her anymore, she easily kicked him aside.

Now, the Li Xu she saw today completely overturned her thoughts. She could no longer see a hint of poverty in him. In fact, she could see that he emanated a handsome and sunny aura all over.

Also, he seemed to emit sparks from his eyes when he winked at everyone.

When Li Xu was walking towards the elevator, Yun Mengshi finally reacted. He had not even cast a single glance at her.

How could he ignore a beauty like her when she was standing over here?

Yun Mengshis classic mindset was that she could abandon Li Xu, but Li Xu could not disregard her.

It was just like the things she owned. She could throw them away if she did not want them anymore, but even if she threw them away, those things could only belong to her.

Yun Mengshis mind went blank. She was not thinking clearly when she ran up to him and shouted, Li Xu!

Li Xu paused in front of the elevator and turned to look at Yun Mengshi as he asked, You are?

I I am Yun Yun Mengshi was about to say that she was Yun Mengshi, but she remembered that she was now Lin Xi. Furthermore, so many people were watching them now, so she could only keep her mouth shut.

At that moment, Yun Mengshi almost forgot that she was angry with Yun Bixue for killing her vibe with the public address message. She even wanted to leave after hearing it. However, after seeing Li Xu, she had totally forgotten these thoughts.

Li Xu looked at Yun Mengshi, as though he was staring at a stranger, then said, Oh, I remember now.

Yun Mengshi felt a pang in her heart. She knew that he would not forget her.

Li Xu continued, You are Lin Xi, the actress whos really famous now. I heard that youre the newbie who relied on having meals with famous directors to rise to fame.

Li Xus words were like venom, as though he just threw a pail of cold water all over Yun Mengshi. Her face turned green and red with anger. She wanted to rage, but she could not at the same time.

Did you forget who I am? Ning An City Do you still remember me?

Just as Yun Mengshi was about to rekindle old relationships, the elevator doors opened, and a young lady walked out. She pulled Li Xu right inside and said, Didnt I tell you before? Although there are a lot of flies who are infatuated with you, you shouldnt be so kind and entertain all of them, alright?

This lady was Li Xus manager, Lin Xiaolei. She had a fiery personality, but she was an upright and easygoing person. She was also born in a poor family, but she had always maintained a positive outlook and worked hard in her life and work. This was why she and Li Xu got along so well with each other. They had the same values, and their personalities complemented each other.

Yun Mengshi stared in shock as the elevator doors closed. When she got a hold of herself, she realized that the flies that the lady had mentioned was referring to her.

Yun Mengshi got so angry that she kicked the elevator. However, it hurt her feet instead. She felt like she had never been so angry before.

Yun Bixue saw all of this clearly in the surveillance room. She could not help bursting out in laughter.

Li Mei was also with her. She was slumped across the table, laughing so hard that her stomach hurt. Oh my gosh, my sides hurt so much. I thought I was gonna die from all that laughing. Boss Yun, I really admire you. Youre really awesome. Even a celebrity like Lin Xi has to listen to you.

Alright, enough. Youre almost becoming lawless now. Li Mei was the person she picked from the talent team to be her assistant.

When Li Xu and Lin Xiaolei went into the surveillance room and heard Yun Bixues laughter, both of them said to her casually, Boss Yun, its a good thing we did not disappoint you.