Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 Other Plans For The Bodyguard And Manager

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Yun Bixue patted their shoulders and said, Very good. You guys did well. Lin Xiaolei, I realized you have a knack for acting too!

Boss Yun, I think being a manager is pretty nice too. My passion doesnt lie in acting. I can only do my job well if I focus on one career path. In fact, Lin Xiaolei was thinking for Li Xu. She knew that only when she was being a good manager could he be assured and focus his energy on acting.

At that moment, Li Xu turned to look at Lin Xiaolei, his eyes filling to the brim with love. How could he not know what she was thinking?

Seeing the couple before her, Yun Bixue nodded her head in approval and said, Tsk, tsk. Showing off your love in front of me!

Usually, when they were all together, everyone treated each other like family, so they would occasionally joke around with each other as well. Yun Bixue never put on airs around them, so everyone liked her a lot.

Lin Xiaoleis face flushed red. Li Mei watched them at the side and said, Lin Xiaolei, where did your usual carefree behavior go to? You get shy whenever you see Boss Yun. People who dont know would think that you like her instead!

Lin Xiaolei widened her eyes and glared reproachfully at Li Mei.

Okay, okay. I cant take this stare of yours. I wont tease you anymore.

As they were talking, Li Guile walked in too. Aiya, so you guys are all here. I couldnt find you all just now. I heard that the big star Lin Xi is downstairs!

Yun Bixue lightly poked Li Guile with her finger as she said, Youre a big star now too. Also, you will become even more awesome than her in the future. Oh, by the way, have you guys read the script?

Li Guile immediately nodded her head. She instantly adjusted her emotions to reveal a gaze filled with helplessness and desperate obsession. She said in a weak and demure voice, They all say that entering the palace is like venturing into deep waters. Farewell, my lover. We will be strangers from now on.

Following that, Li Guiles expression changed to one of reproach and desperate obsession. Cuier, I dont blame him. I dont blame him, really

Yun Bixue and the other three immediately clapped and said, Guile, youre not bad at all. The female lead role is definitely made for you. Back then, she had also picked this lady for her elegance. Although she had no influential background and backer, not to mention that she was inexperienced, she boldly assigned her the female lead role for her game drama. The truth proved that she had good judgment.

Li Guile smiled and said, Thank goodness for you, Boss Yun, or else I wouldnt be who I am today. Children who grew up in villages like her knew best to be grateful. She would never forget Boss Yuns kindness to her. If it werent for Boss Yun, she would not have been able to treat her mothers asthma.

On the ground floor, Yun Mengshi had decided to stay after that brief interlude with Li Xu. She had to get close to Yun Bixue anyway.

She could only swallow her anger and report to the HR department.

The manager of the HR department was very neutral towards her. She did not give her special treatment just because she was a famous celebrity. She talked about a few matters before she concluded and said, We will try our best to arrange for a manager and bodyguard for you. You can come to work anytime.

Yun Mengshi was stunned. A moment later, she shouted in rage, I already have a manager and bodyguard. What right do you have to arrange other people to replace them? She was starting to make a scene now.

The HR manager took out the contract and pointed to the clause on it as she said, Look, the contract says that aside from yourself, all other matters are deemed to be within our purview. This includes your bodyguard too.

Yun Mengshi made a ruckus for a while, but the HR manager still continued to rebut her with the terms of the contract. As a result, Yun Mengshi almost tore the contract apart.

In the end, she could only grit her teeth and ask, Where is Yun Bixue? I want to see Yun Bixue!

The HR manager replied coldly, Boss Yun is not someone anyone can just meet if they wanted to!

Hearing these words made Yun Mengshi so livid that she almost spat out blood