Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098 Unreasonable Clauses

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Yun Mengshi wanted to make a call but realized that she didnt have Yun Bixues number. Therefore, she couldnt vent the anger that she harbored within her.

Her security guard and manager waited in the lobby for her. They were men arranged by her backer, so she couldnt unleash her fury on the two of them.

Yun Mengshi truly endured her anger for a long time and almost lost her mind.

After waiting for the entire morning, Yun Mengshi finally met Yun Bixue during lunch. She put on her heels and stumbled over to Yun Bixue, intending to interrogate her.

However, before Yun Mengshi could say a word, Yun Bixue stood up excitedly and hugged her. Lin Xi, youre finally here! I didnt see you the past few days, so I was worried about you!

Seeing how concerned Yun Bixue was, Yun Mengshi instantly swallowed her anger. She couldnt decide whether she should flare up or not.

She could only lower her voice and ask, Yun Bixue, youre doing this on purpose, right? Why are you doing this to me?

Lin Xi, what do you mean? I just came to the company not long ago. Whats wrong? Yun Bixue pretended to be innocent.

Yun Mengshi almost passed out from shock. She didnt know that Yun Bixue could be so pretentious. Why hadnt she realized this before?

I have my own manager and guard, so why do you have to assign a new manager and guard for me?

Huh? I dont know about that. Those were arranged by the HR department. If youre unhappy with that, I can speak to the HR in-charge. After all, the roles are clearly divided in the company, so they must have been instructed to do so. Dont be anxious, alright? Also, this arrangement has been made in consideration of your safety. Yun Bixues words sounded as though everything had been done for Yun Mengshis sake. In reality, she simply wanted to place her own manager and guard by Yun Mengshis side to monitor her.

Yun Mengshi pinched the corners of her shirt and emphasized, Yun Bixue, what if I want to have only my manager and guard by my side? She wasnt one to blindly listen to Yun Bixues instructions now.

Yun Bixue laughed and shrugged before answering, Then theres nothing I can do. I heard that the paparazzi are very interested in your past recently. Oh, right, one of the clauses on the contract states that if you break the agreement, the compensation you have to pay isnt a small sum. Youre still too inexperienced in the entertainment scene. If you dont want to be a celebrity, I cant stop you either. I urge you to take a closer look at the contract.

When she looked at the unreasonable clauses on the contract, Yun Mengshi almost coughed out blood in shock. She immediately took a break for two days and admitted herself to the hospital to rest.

Yun Bixue didnt mind. After all, the female lead was Li Guile, and the male lead was Li Xu. Yun Mengshi was merely a chess piece in her game, a tool shes using against Chu Feier.

After ending work that night, Xie Limo personally went to pick Yun Bixue up.

Yun Bixue answered the call and was so happy that she couldnt work anymore. When she saw that Xie Limo had arrived downstairs, she immediately rushed down.

A few ladies were discussing at the entrance of her office.

Wow! That man is too perfect. Hes so handsome!

I cant even find a word to describe him. Its a pity he looks rather poor. Hed be very worthy if he were an heir.

He can be our companys next celebrity trainee. That way, hell be rich. Hes so perfect. I wonder if he has a girlfriend?

When Yun Bixue heard those people discussing behind his back, her lips curled up slightly despite still feeling jealous.

She ran towards Xie Limo, who reached out his hands elegantly and wrapped them around her shoulders. Why? Arent you happy to see me?