Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 His Wife

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Yun Bixue poked Xie Limos chest and said, Youve charmed a lot of ladies by coming here.

Xie Limo chuckled softly. Lowering his head, he looked at Yun Bixue. His gaze was full of tender love as he asked, Are you jealous?

No way!

Xie Limo knew that his wife was stubborn sometimes and didnt mean what she said. However, he didnt tease her any longer. Instead, he whispered softly into her ear, I can only see my wife.

Yun Bixues ears and face turned red with embarrassment, and she felt like her face was burning. Nevertheless, her heart still felt warm.

You know how to cheer me up.

Xie Limo pulled her against his chest and asked, Can you hear that? Im not just cheering you up.

In fact, Yun Bixue did understand how he felt. But as a woman, she would still feel shy in front of the man she loved.

At that moment, she could hear Xie Limos heartbeat. Each beat was loud, and she could hear it reverberate through her own heart. Her heart beat together with his, and their tempos matched.

Yun Bixue breathed in his clear scent, and it was extremely pleasant. He had always smelled this wayclean and fresh. Even if it were summer, he never reeked.

He was even cleaner than her.

Yun Bixue looked around at everyone and pushed Xie Limo gently. Everyone is getting off work soon.

Yes, lets go then. Do you want to eat out or cook at home?

Yun Bixue wanted to eat outside, but thinking of what happened in the past, she shook her head. Lets go home!

As she thought, she muttered, I wonder if theres enough ingredients at home.

Xie Limo held Yun Bixues hand and said, Lets buy some on the way home.


Since they were near their home, the two of them didnt need to drive. They simply walked home hand in hand.

Yun Bixue spoke as she relished in Xie Limos company. It was as though her world only had the two of them.

While they walked towards the mall holding hands, they heard a cry. Deputy Xie, Deputy Xie!

Yun Bixue wanted to laugh upon hearing that, but she thought that that person might be calling out for Xie Limo. She raised her head and looked at him. Is he calling you? Do you want to take a look?

Yun Bixue and Xie Limo then turned around at the same time. They saw a young man carrying a bag while rushing towards them. Upon seeing Xie Limo, he shouted agitatedly, Youre really Deputy Xie! Im so happy to see you here. And you are? As that man spoke excitedly, his gaze fell on Yun Bixue, his eyes twinkling with surprise.

Xie Limo tightened his grip on Yun Bixues hand and laughed. This is my wife.

No wonder Deputy Xie doesnt join us for dinner. You have such a beautiful wife. If I have a wife as gorgeous as yours, I would also refuse to attend all the dinner events. Deputy Xie is so blessed.

Yun Bixue giggled before saying, Im the lucky one to have met my husband.

Yun Bixues words stunned the young man instantly. He didnt expect her to say those words at all.

On the other hand, Xie Limo was utterly satisfied with Yun Bixues response. The corners of his lips curled up, and a bright glint flashed across his exquisite eyes. Instead of holding her hand, he now hugged her around her waist.

That young man became embarrassed and said, Deputy Xie, you and your wife are indeed a match made in heaven. If the department were to find out about this, theyd be so envious.

Yun Bixue pursed her lips and answered, We just know what weve been through and how to cherish each other.