Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Her Moment of Weakness

After Yun Bixue was done bathing and put on her clothes, she stood silently in the bathroom, her heart steadily turned cold as ice.

She could feel her hands trembling and her face was incomparably pale. She was biting harshly on her lips, extracting blood, yet it seemed unbeknownst to her.

She heard all the commotion from outside. She could hardly bear hearing those distasteful and derogatory words.

"Knock knock..." A gentle tapping sounded, yet Yun Bixue was disoriented as if fixated on a thought. Her vision turned black.

"Can I enter?" He hesitated. There was no sound coming from inside the bathroom. Xie Limo frowned.

He knocked and inquired again, only to draw no response. The beauty in Xie Limo's face contorted, as he drew out a card to swipe the door open. He closed the door after he entered the room, and the sight before him made him tremble.

Yun Bixue laid on the floor, powerless and pale. From her palms seeped a small amount of blood, seemingly caused by the digging of her nails. Her lips had been gnawed at, stained by streaks of blood. She laid there lifelessly as if she had taken her last breath.

At this moment, a sense of sympathy manifested within Xie Limo. He had never seen a woman in such a self-inflicted state of despondency, nor a woman who was unable to fend for herself. He wondered how she had managed to grow and mature.

Lastly, he sighed faintly and pulled her into his arms. He checked for her pulse and performed emergency compressions on several acupuncture points.

He then gave a call. "Within ten minutes, expel all the reporters in the Luxury Emperor Golden Rooftop Room 6."

Sure enough, sounds of cameras being smashed outside were heard, accompanied by the clamor of the hoard of reporters.

When the security guards finally evacuated the last reporter, the house was left in peaceful tranquility.

Xie Limo then carried Yun Bixue to the big bed, and everything quietened.

Yun Bixue only arose two hours later. Her heavy-lidded eyes showed purity and delicacy as if she needed to rely on something.

"You finally woke up. You must have been frightened earlier. Drink this milk." With no questions, Xie Limo passed the glass of milk to Yun Bixue.

The scene earlier reminded Yun Bixue of a childhood trauma. Her desolate and forlorn heart warmed up bit by bit as she clutched the glass of heated milk in her hands. "Thank you for saving me again."

"No problem. Living in the heart of society's struggles, you should get accustomed to such episodes. To prevent cumbersome situations from transpiring, you first need to toughen yourselfthrough protecting yourself, rather than evading the circumstances." Xie Limo lifted his hand and glanced at his watch, appearing to have other concerns. Yet he remained attentive to Yun Bixue as he advised her.

"I only... Only..." She had not been able to learn from her grandfather to be merciless. Otherwise, she would not have allowed herself to be plotted against by others. She had not wanted to reach the point where even she could no longer recognize herself.

Noticing the uncertainty clouding Yun Bixue's eyes, the corners of Xie Limo's lips curved up lightly and at that moment, it was as if hundreds of flowers had bloomed simultaneously. "Sometimes, the more soft-hearted you are, the fewer retreat routes you have."

Yun Bixue nodded as she repeated the comforting words of Xie Limo, evidently in deep thought.

After leaving the room, Yun Bixue felt unwell. She had wasted more than a days' time and was running out of options. As she inspected the document, she discovered that for it to be effective, marriage was a premise, and the opposite party must have a sufficiently wealthy background.

As she reviewed the document and continued her way, a rumor had been broadcasted across the entire Ning An City. Almost everyone was gossiping about the woman who had spent a night with Young Master Xie.