Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101 : A Familiar Cell Phone Number

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An Yexuan leaned against the wall and watched Yun Bixue and Xie Limo like a hawk. Seeing how sweet the two of them were, his heart ached dully and uncomfortably.

After seeing the two of them kiss, he was simply shocked. Although he utterly refused to admit it, the truth simply stunned him. The sharp look on his face also instantly vanished.

It was only after Xie Limo and Yun Bixue disappeared from his sight that An Yexuan finally unclenched his tight fists. He punched the wall harshly, and the impact left some bloodstains on the wall.

His subordinate saw how Young Master An was torturing himself and couldnt understand why. He hurriedly rushed forward and offered An Yexuan a handkerchief, not even daring to make too much noise. He asked cautiously, "Young Master An, you should clean the wound on your hand. Lets go home and take care of it."

That beautiful pair of hands had been injured, and even his subordinate couldnt bear to look at it.

An Yexuans ice-cold gaze remained focused at the door in the alley. The surroundings seemed to have turned colder all of a sudden.

He reached out his hand to his subordinate, Gao Shen.

Gao Shen couldnt wrap his head around it as he looked at Young Master Ans hand. He was increasingly unable to comprehend what Young Master An was thinking nowadays. He thought that Young Master An was always acting odd and bothered by something unknown.

An Yexuan said calmly, "Cell phone!"

Gao Shen looked at the phone that was in Young Master Ans pocket and carefully replied, "Young Master An, your cell phone is in your pocket." He wondered if Young Master An had suffered a blow recentlyhe had even asked him about where his cell phone was.

An Yexuan frowned impatiently and said, "Your cell phone. Lend me your cell phone."

Gao Shen finally snapped out of his shock and hurriedly fished out his cell phone from his pocket. He passed it to An Yexuan.

An Yexuan pressed a few buttons and tapped on the phone several times. A series of numbers appeared on the screen.

Just before An Yexuan was about to press the dial bu