Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102 Hungry

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When Yun Bixue heard the ringing sounds, she instantly snapped out of her daze. Her body felt cold, but fortunately, Xie Limo was hugging her tightly, offering her some warmth.

Who would be calling her at this timing?

After hearing the ringing, Yun Bixue was rather distracted. On the other hand, Xie Limos gaze turned dark and distant. He didnt offer her a chance to rest at all.

He pulled Yun Bixues hands back and kissed her so passionately, making her unable to think at all. While Yun Bixue was lost and dazed, Xie Limo had already begun to ravish her.

This time, Xie Limo was intense. He unleashed all his dominance as Yun Bixue was brought to her extreme highs. She could only beg for him to stop.

"Limo, Im tired. I want to sleep."

"Okay, you can just sleep."

Yun Bixue wanted to cry. He was so aggressive. How could she even fall asleep?

Amidst the intensity, Yun Bixue fought hard to remain sane. She begged Xie Limo pitifully, "Limo, Im hungry. I havent eaten dinner"

"Yes, Im hungry too."

After hearing that he was hungry too, Yun Bixue was so happy. Did that mean that the two of them could prepare to eat already?

However, what upset her was that Xie Limos hunger wasnt referring to what she thought it was. He was completely describing something else.

Yun Bixue didnt even know how many sessions she went through. Finally, she laid on the bed and asked tiredly, "Limo, how can your stamina be so good?" Furthermore, he seemed to be growing even stronger.

"Its because my wife is my motivation."

Those words made Yun Bixue blush, making her pull the blanket to cover her face. Ahh, really! She didnt dare to probe any further.

Exhausted, Yun Bixue fell asleep. Xie Limo cleaned the two of them up, then went to prepare their dinner.

After cooking, he then went to coax Yun Bixue to wake up to eat.

Yun Bixue squinted her eyes. Seeing someone looking so exquisite and flawless in front of her, she even doubted if it was him.

Xie Limo looked at how tired Yun Bixue looked and wanted to tease her. He leaned closer to her and looked