Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103 A Stupid Woman

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Xie Limo recalled how Yun Bixue had taken the initiative to kiss her. Although it was just a light peck, his aura had turned warm and gentle.

His gaze was filled with indulgence. No matter how mature, dominant, or adorable she was, he still liked all of her.

An Yexuan called continuously for many times, but no one answered his calls. He grew more and more furious as he huffed, his chest going up and down as he did so.

Gao Shen didnt dare to make too much noise and began to carefully monitor An Yexuans expressions. He felt weird. Could Young Master An possibly be interested in Miss Yun?

After taking a few looks, Gao Shen was gravely afraid that An Yexuan would smash his cell phone to the ground. After hesitating, he said, Young Master An, its late. The phone Although the phone wasnt worth much, it was a gift from his girlfriend. He couldnt allow it to be smashed He prayed over and over again in his head.

Right at this moment, An Yexuans personal phone rang. He could only toss the phone in his hands to Gao Shen and retrieve his own phone.

It was an unknown number, so he immediately ended the call.

Shortly after, Gao Shens phone rang.

Assistant Gao, Im Wen-er. Ive been looking for Young Master An for a long time. Do you know where he is?

When Gao Shen heard that annoyingly coquettish voice, he knew who it was immediately. Back then, the woman who had slept with Young Master An at Elite Tower was also an employee there. That woman had planned beforehand to get entangled with Young Master An and climb up the social ladder. Even if she was offered money, she refused to leave him alone.

He secretly raised his head and peeked at Young Master An, only to realize that Young Master An was becoming madder and madder.

It was undeniable that Ding Wen-er was truly courageous. He could imagine that if Ding Wen-er continued to harass Young Master An, she would definitely piss him off.

Miss Ding Wen-er, Young Master An is busy. Im not obliged to tell you where he is.

Gao Shen, how dare you speak to me like that? Ill be Young Master Ans wife in the future. Ding Wen-er spoke confidently, as though she was sure that it was going to happen.

Gao Shen had met many other women who pestered Young Master An, but not someone as stupid as her. Oh, really? If Miss Ding were smarter, youd know what to do.

Gao Shen, you merely work for the An family. How dare you speak to me like that? Ive slept with Young Master An. I belong to him!

Gao Shen had already grown impatient. He answered coldly, There are many women who want to be Young Master Ans wife. Miss Ding, you have no self-awareness at all.

Before Ding Wen-er could say anything, An Yexuan stared at Gao Shen, and the latter had already ended the call.

An Yexuans gaze was dark as he coldly said, Settle her!

Yes! Gao Shen had worked with An Yexuan for many years and naturally knew what settling her meant.

An Yexuan remembered that this was all because of Yun Bixue. If it werent for her, this stupid woman wouldnt have been able to get into his bed. Although nothing had happened, his limits had been tested.

The more An Yexuan thought, the colder his eyes became. He tossed his cigarette on the ground and stepped on it aggressively. He instructed, Lets go back.

The sky was dark. Under the illumination of the street lights, the car drove away from the alley.

After eating, Xie Limo brought Yun Bixue out for a stroll. After a while, the winds began to howl.

Yun Bixue covered her body and asked, Didnt the weather forecast say that there wont be any rain today? Why are the winds blowing so strongly?

Xie Limo removed his jacket and draped it over Yun Bixues shoulders. It seems like its going to rain soon. Lets go home!