Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Young Master Huang Changed A Lot

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Recently, Huang Yize seemed to have reverted to his cold and aloof demeanor.

Although she was still together with Huang Yize, his expression was always calm, and he did not treat her very well either. Although he was not annoyed with her, he did not talk much to her. That was why she felt that he had changed.

She felt that it was as though they returned to the times when she was chasing after him. He was like a high and mighty male idol, with a cold and distant air around him, making it difficult for people to approach him.

Sometimes, when they went for self-study sessions, he did not really talk to her either. If she wanted to say something, he would always remind her to study hard.

Although she could still read his emotions from his gaze, this made her feel very constrained and uncomfortable.

On this day, they went for self-study as usual. Yun Bilu propped her head on her hands as she stared at Huang Yize. She did not speak a word, as though she was analyzing something.

No matter how high Huang Yizes tolerance was, he would not be able to stand being watched with such a burning stare. He glanced at Yun Bilu. His gaze changed a little before it returned to his usual calm expression. He bluntly asked, Why are you staring at me? Didnt you come here to study?

Yun Bilu said in a very serious and stern tone, Huang Yize, I realized that youve changed a lot.

Hearing the seriousness and unhappiness in Yun Bilus voice, Huang Yizes heart shuddered, and a ripple echoed through his heart. Even then, he still suppressed his feelings and replied calmly, Which part of me changed? Are you sure theres a change?

Yun Bilu deliberately leaned towards Huang Yize. She looked up at him wide-eyed so that she would not miss a single change in his expression. However, she was disappointed as Huang Yize remained calm and at ease.

This could only mean that Huang Yize either had a superbly high tolerance or that she did not have any influence on him at all.

Yun Bilu felt really suffocated and upset. She did not know how to voice these thoughts. Before she got together with him, she would not crave for his love and attention, nor worry about losing him. However, now that she had him by her side, if she lost him now, she would be utterly heartbroken.

This was her first time liking someone and falling in love. She knew that her EQ was not very high, but she really liked him a lot. She was serious about him.

Yun Bilu gritted her teeth and said, Huang Yize, youre becoming more and more cold towards me. You treat me so indifferently now.

Huang Yize was dazed for a moment. Seeing how Yun Bilu stared at him with reproachful eyes did not make him feel good either. He thought that this doing this was all for her own good.

Seeing how Yun Bilu being like this made Huang Yizes heart feel suffocated as well. He could not help reaching out to hold Yun Bilus hand.

However, Yun Bilu flung his hand away immediately and said with a hint of grievance, You just treat me well when you feel like it. Once you dont feel like doing it, you stop treating me nicely. What do you take me for?

Although Yun Bilu kept her voice down, her gaze was full of reproach, piercing right through Huang Yizes heart like needles.

He felt his head throb lightly. He did not know what he should do with Yun Bilu.

If he treated her too well, he was afraid that she would not be able to take it if he left her. If he treated her a little more coldly, her resentful and reproachful gaze would pierce his heart.

Huang Yize tried to coax and soothe her as he said, Bilu, dont think too much about it.

How can I not think too much about it? Youre so mean. You keep ignoring me recently. Youre not being gentle with me at all.

Its all my fault. Didnt you come here for self-study? Why did you get angry? We need to keep quiet in the classroom. It was rare that Huang Yize spoke in such a low and gentle tone. He was also trying to calm Yun Bilu down a little.

Yun Bilu stared at Huang Yize. He still looked so perfect. Even when he was frowning, he looked so handsome that it could make ones heart skip a beat.

She suddenly felt very stuffy and suffocated in the self-study room. If she did not leave now, she would probably rage.