Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 Yun Bilu Is Angry

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Seeing the look in Huang Yizes eyes, Yun Bilu got so angry that she bit her lip. She stood up suddenly and packed her stuff, preparing to leave.

Huang Yize immediately grabbed Yun Bilus hand and frowned as he asked sternly, Bilu, what are you doing?

Yun Bilu struggled to pull away from Huang Yizes hand that was holding on to her elbow. Cant you see? I dont want to continue with the self-study now.

Huang Yize said in a low voice, Dont be stubborn.

So what if I am being stubborn? You dont care about me anyway since you treat me so coldly. Why would you care about what Im doing?

This was the first time Yun Bilu said such harsh words to Huang Yize. She felt that her heart was so suffocated that she was about to go crazy. She was someone who would say whatever was on her mind.

Recently, Huang Yize had been so indifferent towards her. She had been putting up with it all this while, trying to get used to it. However, she realized that she could not get used to it at all. At this rate, she was really about to go crazy.

Furthermore, she did not like to make guesses. She probably could not guess what was on Huang Yizes mind too.

Once she packed her stuff, Yun Bilu carried her bag and ran out of the classroom.

Although they spoke in low voices, the self-study room was very quiet, so everyone noticed that something was up with them.

A bubble of dangerous rage rose in Huang Yizes heart as well. He prided himself on his calm and rational mind, but Yun Bilu always had a way to make him lose control.

He stood at his seat and pinched hard on the space between his eyebrows. He was reaching the limits of his patience too.

Huang Yize glanced at the books and practice books on his desk, but he did not touch them. He merely took big strides and walked out of the room.

The corridor was empty. Huang Yize looked down from above and immediately saw Yun Bilu walking down the stairs.

The fire in Huang Yizes heart was dispelled at once. He heaved a long sigh. Every time this girl was anxious and muddle-headed, her mind would always be a little fuddled.

Huang Yize made a call and told Ji Zhiye to come to the self-study room to pack his things. He then took the elevator down to find Yun Bilu.

Yun Bilu took the steps down floor by floor, which made her a little tired as well. She walked towards the campus grounds aimlessly while carrying her bag, looking downcast.

She felt that ever since she met Huang Yize, she became really abnormal. Her happiness and anger were all related to him.

She did not understand relationships in the past. Now, she realized that being in love was not always a joyous thing. Love brought troubles and pain too. It made her feel sad sometimes too.

Why did two people have to feel sad when they were together?

She felt really upset and really suffocated. She stared at the couples that passed by her and felt even more hurt deep down.

However, no matter how hurt she felt, she would not cry.

Now was also the time for Xiao Huan and the rest to attend self-study, so there was no one she could talk to now. She wanted to call her elder sister, but she was afraid that she would only make her worried.

Hence, Yun Bilu did not realize that she had been sighing as she walked.

Not long after, Huang Yize caught up with her and called her name. Yun Bilu!

Yun Bilu turned and saw Huang Yize. Seeing that he had caught up with her, the dark glow in her eyes instantly lit up. However, she still felt awkward around him and turned around to ignore him.

Huang Yize came over to her side and held her hand as he asked, Are you angry?

I wouldnt dare to be!

Seeing how she was pouting, Huang Yize said, You say you dont dare, but youre clearly angry with me now. Youre the one ignoring me now and being so cold towards me, isnt it?

Youre the one who was cold to me first. I learned this from you. If you still want to give me the cold shoulder, you dont have to care about what I do. The moment Huang Yize caught up with her, her spirits had already lifted. However, she wanted to remain tsundere and did not want to forgive him too quickly.